Luxurious Markteing CEO Meeting With Guest

Best Real Estate Company in Islamabad

Luxurious Marketing has been the best real estate marketing company in Islamabad, Pakistan since 2010. We have worked with some of the biggest real estate projects in Pakistan. Needless to say, we have a ton of experience on how to invest accurately, safely, and robustly in real estate in Pakistan.
Being the best real estate marketing company in Pakistan, we understand your real needs and even fears. We respect your hard-earned money. And we ensure a reliable investment and considerable profit for you. Up till now, we’ve served 500+ clients and 15+ real estate projects. So, if you are looking for a profitable real estate investment opportunity, Luxurious Marketing is the best real estate company in Pakistan for you.
Luxurious Markteing CEO Meeting With Guest
Why Choose Us

How We Are A Top real Estate Company in Islamabad

At Luxurious Marketing, we value your finances and thoroughly assess housing projects to distinguish genuine options from deceptive ones. Our real estate specialists conduct in-depth investigations before advising investors on potential investments. To ensure the legitimacy of plots and properties in Islamabad, we adhere to the following steps.


We gather society approval info from the government, especially NOC status in Islamabad. If data's lacking, we collect on request. Transparent inquiry helps us guide confidently and comprehensively.

Site Visit

Our experts regularly visit housing societies to confirm location, development, and proximity. Detailed hands-on data helps us decide confidently, minimizing investment risks with Luxurious Marketing.

Market Updates

Staying in touch with real estate experts and property owners lets us forecast projects, rates, and profits in Islamabad. Regular updates make us market-ready, trusted, and the top real estate company.

Best Offers

Luxurious Marketing excels in real estate, offering prime plots in Islamabad. Uncompromising on quality and satisfaction, our projects yield record ROI, maintaining a 50-70% customer loyalty rate.


Message from the Managing Director

Welcome to Luxurious Marketing, a leading real estate agency in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our Managing Director, Nabeel Raza, is here to share with you how we are making a difference in the real estate market in Islamabad, Pakistan. Watch the video now to learn more about our agency and how we can assist you.

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Featured Housing Societies To Invest

Our surety for the big profits makes our customers loyal. We work hard on the analysis and inspection of real estate projects before recommending it to the clients.

Market Trends

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What Makes Us Best Real Estate Company In Islamabad

More than 10 years of experience in the real estate investments in Pakistan makes us standout among rest of the real estate companies in Pakistan. Our surety for the big profits makes our customers loyal. We work hard on the analysis and inspection of real estate projects before recommending it to the clients.


As A Real Estate Company - We Offer​

Guaranteed Profit

We sort out keenly each and every real estate investment opportunity. Our meticulous calculations and professional estimations help us analyze profitability of a real estate investment. Therefore, we already know it all.

Quick Service

We believe in delivering fast. We are expert enough to figure-out legal and financial stuff in a matter of days. Things are on our finger-tips. So, we stay always one step ahead among real estate companies in Pakistan. Avail our fast services!

Safe Investment

Our experience, vigorous team, and transparent analysis of real estate projects make us different from other real estate companies in Pakistan. We recommend only approved and certified real estate projects to our clients. So, our clients get never scammed.

Best Guidance

Every team member of Luxurious Marketing is well trained and well-mannered. They guide clients like no one do. We provide complete guidance from A to Z. This makes us the best real estate marketing company in Pakistan. Call us for consultation.


Our Clients Love Our Services

Being the best and leading real estate company in Pakistan, Luxurious Marketing is trusted by every real estate investor in Pakistan. Just see what our clients say about us!

“Luxurious Marketing is the next level real estate agency. They use all modern tech and techniques. Love their processes and guidance.”
by Aisha Taimoor
House Wife, Rawalpindi
“Really good services. Luxurious Marketing is a blessing for those who do not know much about the real estate sale and purchase.”
by Naeem Asghar
Marketing Manager, TechDesh Pvt. Ltd. Gujrat
“Great work by team Luxurious Marketing. I like their services every time whenever I’ve to sale or purchase property in Islamabad.”
by Shumaila Bukhari
Owner, Ghar Rent Services, Islamabad

Luxurious Limelight

Experience the visual symphony of our daily real estate rhythm, as each image narrates a chapter in our relentless pursuit of property excellence.

Luxurious Markteing CEO Meeting With Guest

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