Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the best housing societies that the Twin cities recently have. Kingdom Valley, Islamabad is partnered with the Naya Pakistan housing scheme and up to offer most affordable living places for the people of Punjab. Best location, easy accessibility, and top-notch infrastructure are the unique things of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Besides being most affordable to purchase plots, it is the most modern housing project that have ever collaborated with the Government of Pakistan yet. So, investors as well as individuals are getting attracted like never before for a government housing project.

Above all, there are several other housing societies like Blue World City are built next to the Kingdom Valley, numerous amenities like M2 Motorway and Islamabad Airport are just a few minutes-drive away and the Capital City of Pakistan itself is approachable within no time from Kingdom Valley, Islamabad. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the project of Kingdom Group.

Owners and Developers

First and the foremost concern of the investors is to get familiar with the developer, CEO, and owner of any society. Of course, this aspect is of a prime apprehension. The investors feel safe when investing their hard-earned money with a reputable developer of a housing society. For instance, if a developer already has a bad fame in the market, people wouldn’t trust on any of his/her project. Therefore, knowing the developer and owner of a housing society is a better before investing.

Fortunately, Pakistan’s reputable real estate developer, Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is the developer of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. He has already a vast experience of real estate market, dynamics, and infrastructure. Moreover, Kingdom Group (Developer of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad) holds an experience of real estate deliverance and dedication with 20+ years of services across Pakistan. This time, the Kingdom Group is up to fulfill dreams of owning homes by every Pakistani by collaborating with Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

So, we can say that the developer of the Kingdom Valley (Ghulam Hussain Shahid and Kingdom Group) already has sufficient trust in the market that the Government of Pakistan is up to collaborate for her housing project. In a nutshell, Kingdom valley is being developed under the supervision of well-known developer with a team of trained and skilled human resources. That’s why, investors are trusting and investing in the project with complete sense of self-confidence.

Kingdom Valley Complete Detail

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Location of the Kingdom Valley and Its Map

Second most important thing to note while investing in property is its location. Obviously, location matters a lot. It is location that makes a property costlier or cheaper. For instance, if a property is located in the heart of a major city, its cost will be higher than the property located at the corner of that city. Distance from life’s basic necessities, access to the important spots like airport, and extent of security are some of the most determinantal factors for a property’s value. Therefore, investors should count on all these factors before making a final decision.

When it comes to the Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s location, it fulfills all basic criteria. Amazingly, Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s location is the most attracting point for investors. It is near to the capital city of Pakistan and next to the 4th largest city of Pakistan Rawalpindi. Moreover, it is very close to the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and a few minutes away from National Highway N5. Other nearby landmarks are;

  • Chakri Road – 5 minutes away
  • Rawalpindi – 15 minutes away
  • International Islamabad Airport – 25 minutes away
  • Rawat-Chakbeli Road – 25 minutes away
  • Adiala Road – 25 minutes away
  • Blue World City – 25 minutes away
  • Qurtaba City – 39 minutes away
  • Islamabad (ICT) – 49 minutes away
  • Cadet College Rawalpindi – 49 minutes away
  • Quaid e Azam International Hospital – 39 minutes away

Map of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad project is designed and mapped out by highly expert and qualified engineers and developers. All aspects ranging from amenities, security, cleanliness, infrastructure, and development are kept in consideration. Its master plan shows an impeccable land division and management for domestic and commercial purposes.

In fact, a total acquired land of 15,000 Kanals is allocated very ingeniously among all the sectors of a housing society. This includes a symmetric allocation of the land for housing and economic activities. So, there is no glitch in planning the land for future inhabitants.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad holds small to larger plot sizes ranging from 5 Marla to 40 Marla (2 Kanals). Even the smallest plot size can be 3.5 Marla for minor families. On the other hand, for others plot sizes can be 2 Kanal. Amazingly, all are available at affordable prices and instalment plans. See the master plan of Kingdom Valley below;

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Plots, Plots Sizes and Blocks

Infrastructure means a lot when investing in a housing society. You should check and verify its master plan by visiting sit before making a final decision. It is best to call us and ask for a guided tour for the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. One of our representatives will take you to the site and guide about each and every thing on spot.

However, for your quick and handy understanding here we are elaborating complete master plan, plots sizes and details of all the blocks. Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a wide range of domestic and commercial zones with symmetrically planned blocks across all the housing scheme.

Kingdom Valley Blocks

Kingdom Valley’s land is allocated among the following blocks;

  • Executive Block
  • Farmhouse Block
  • General Block
  • Commercial Block
  • Kingdom Villas

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is divided into 5 total blocks. These blocks have different plot sizes ranging from 3.5 Marla in Residential Block to 8 Kanals in Farmhouse Block. Details of plot sizes in each block are as follow.

Executive Block of Kingdom Valley

As the name suggests, the Executive Block of the Kingdom valley will be a blend of luxury and richness. This block will have top-notch amenities, larger plot sizes, and a bit higher-prices. It seems the developer wants to dedicate this block only to those who are looking for higher lifestyle. Executive Block of the Kingdom Valley has following plot sizes;

  • 06 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal
Farmhouse Block of Kingdom Valley

Farmhouse Block is another elite-class touch to the Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s land allocation strategy. Luxurious life style, exclusive spaces, dedicated landmarks and specially designed infrastructure are some salient features of this block. One can say that this will be the premium location of Kingdom Valley in every aspect. Owing to the qualities, this block holds higher cost because of a larger plot size. Suggested plot sizes are;

  • 02 Kanal
  • 04 Kanal
  • 08 Kanal
Residential Block of Kingdom Valley

Affordability at its peak. This block, with all the basic necessities and amenities, is dedicated to the people who want to enjoy luxury and affordability at the same time. That’s why the developer has designed such a block that can serve both purposes. So, one can buy as small plot as 3.5 Marla for residential purpose with the same number of amenities and luxury. If you are looking for residential property, then this is the right offer for you. Just see the plot sizes;

  • 05 Marla
  • 06 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla
Commercial Block of Kingdom Valley

Commercial block of Kingdom Valley Islamabad basically refers to the zone dedicated for economic and trading activities. In this block brands, companies, and chain of stores will be able to open outlets. Investors are invited to acquire plots for commercial activities. As the commercial property costs a bit higher, its return is always higher than the domestic land as well. So, investing in a commercial property is a surety of profit itself. These plot sizes are available;

  • 04 Marla
  • 08 Marla
Kingdom Villas

Villas are also available in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. This concept is basically driven from the UAE villas system. This block will allow you to make a villa of your choice either single-story or double-story. Moreover, there will be choices for the plot sizes as well. Following plot sizes are available for this block.

  • 05 Marla
  • 5 Marla (Single-story)
  • 5 Marla (Double-story)

Besides these blocks, there are two other major projects that are under consideration. One is the Kingdom Heights and the second is the Kingdom Apartments. These two projects are aimed to make housing even more affordable. As suggested, apartments and heights projects will offer houses for those who cannot afford ever-increasing property prices. Payment plans and further details are coming soon.

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NOC Approval for Kingdom Valley Islamabad

First of all, as the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is collaborating with the Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, it is obviously approved by the Government of Pakistan. Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is offering lands and plots in kingdom Valley. As of now, several individuals have got their land for homes approved in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

In addition, the Kingdom Valley is approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Anyone can visit the PHATA website and check the list of approved housing societies. Click Affordable Housing Societies or see the image below to verify the Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s approval.

Kingdom Valley Complete Detail NOC


Furthermore, the approval NOC has been allocated to the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Housing Society by Government of Pakistan under NOC DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. So, with these references one can asses the legality of the housing society. Last yet not the least, this housing project is being built under the supervision of Pakistan’s well-reputed developer Ghulam Hussain and his meticulous team. They are working day and night make this project as successful as possible.

Or you can also check Kingdom Valley’s approval from Approved Housing Societies website or see the image below.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad Latest Payment Plans (2023)

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has affordable and flexible payment plans (2023) for all people of different income streams. Anyone can acquire a plot with reasonable down payment and then monthly easy instalments. Developer of the housing society as planned the payment plans in really efficient way. So, it doesn’t feel burden for investors. This is the reason, investors are attracting and acquiring land rapidly.

Besides easy instalments, 4-years flexibility allows even mediocre-income-families to invest for their future homes in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Because of its prime location, affordability, and speedy development works, we at Luxurious Marketing recommend it to most of our clients. So, if you are looking for further information or consultation on this project, you can contact us. We’ll be up for an honest and holistic review and guidance.

Below are the payment plans and plot prices along with down payments for each block and every plot size in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. You can find all information here or just contact Luxurious Marketing via WhatsApp or Call +92 300 3122888.

Kingdom Valley New Payment Plan & New Rates

Payment Plan for Executive Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad

As we have discussed earlier the Executive Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the premium locations in Kingdom Valley Housing Society. Therefore, payments will be a bit higher. However, prices are not that much higher that you have to break your bank to purchase a plot. Additionally, the instalment plan and affordable down payment are much supportive. Below is the payment plan for Executive Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Payment Plan of Executive Block Kingdom Valley, Islamabad
Payment Plan for Farmhouses Block kingdom Valley Islamabad

Farmhouses have comparatively larger areas staring from 02 Kanal to 08 Kanal plots size. This block is designed solely for the purpose of building farmhouses with wider and sturdier infrastructure. It seems the developer wanted to introduce landmarks for all socio-economic classes ranging from lower-middle class to the elite class. So, the farmhouses block in Kingdom Valley offers a dedicated space for farmhouses. Below are the plot sizes and installment plans.

Payment Plan of Farmhouses Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad
Payment Plan of General Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Residential block of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a blend of luxury and affordability. That means one can enjoy the lavish life style within a reasonable budget. For instance, a 3.5 Marla plot size requires just a down payment of PKR 75,000/- and a monthly installment of PKR 5,250/-. On the other hand, if you are looking for a spacious plot, you can invest in 01 Kanal plot at still affordable payment plans. This is going to be the best block of the Kingdom valley. Below are the payment and installment plans for each plot sizes.

Payment Plan of General Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad
Payment Plan of Commercial Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Commercial Block of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan is here. Basically, the commercial block refers to a specified area for commercial and economic activities. This block or plots are meant to build shopping centers, malls and brand outlets for the residents of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. So, it is best fit opportunity for those who are looking to invest in the future economic hub. You can see the payment plans for the commercial block of kingdom valley here.

Payment Plan of Commercial Block Kingdom Valley Islamabad
Payment Plan of Kingdom Villas Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Villas Block of Kingdom Valley Islamabad has smaller plot sizes that are best fit for small or nuclear families. So, if your family is smaller or you are a newly wedded couple and want to build your home, this is the best opportunity for you. Plots in the Kingdom Villas are really affordable. However, prices are higher than the residential block. Below you can see the payment plans for each plot.

Payment Plan of Kingdom Villas Kingdom Valley Islamabad
Kingdom Valley Discount Form (KDF Form)

Kingdom Valley offers a KDF Discount Form that enables people to get a discount of up to 25% with this form. Original price of this KDF form is PKR 20,000/- however upon submitting you will get another PKR 5,000/- discount. This offer is for general block of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. You have to buy the KDF Discount Form and submit it with the plot details.

Discounts Plan with Kingdom Discount Form (KDF)

The Kingdom Discount Form (KDF) allows the customers to avail a considerable discount on buying a plot in the General Block of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Housing Society. Process of getting discount can be consulted with one of our professional representatives. You can WhatsApp or Call us. Here you can see the discount plan.

Kingdom Valley Discount Form (KDF Form)

Upcoming Projects of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad

The developer of the Kingdom valley is not coming slow when comes to introduce landmarks in the society. There are several monuments, replicas and hubs already planned to build in the society. This is ensuring the ever-increasing value of the society.

Besides all the proposed landmarks, there are some to come yet. these upcoming projects of the kingdom valley include; Kingdon Apartments, Kingdom Heights, and Overseas Block. These projects are based on the different concepts and purposed to offer more options for the investors and inhabitants.

Kingdom Apartments

Kingdom apartments is one of its kind projects in housing societies near twin cities. An apartment is an independent housing unit adjacent to another similar housing units in the same building. This is basically smaller unit suitable for the smaller families. So, the Kingdom Valley has took step to offer a little yet affordable housing unit for the small families and the newly wedded couples.

Kingdom apartments will be feasible in prices but similar to the rest of the society in terms of amenities and facilities. As same as the other parts of the Kingdom Valley will have a fool-proof security, uncut power supply and recreational spots, the inhabitants of the apartments will also enjoy the same. Prices, booking process, and further details are yet to come.

Kingdom Heights

Like Kingdom Apartments, another upcoming project is Kingdom Heights. Much similar to the Kingdom Apartments there will be small housing units in the Kingdom Heights. In fact, there will flats in the Kingdom Heights building. This will be a multi-story building consisting of several flats within it. Each Flat will be an independent and separated living unit.

The difference between the apartments and the flats in the Kingdom Heights will be simple. Apartments will be not multi-story instead double or triple story units. However, the Kingdom Heights will hold a several story structure with hundreds of flats. Prices, payment plans, and space details are yet awaited.

Overseas Block

As the name suggests, the overseas block will be dedicated to the expats of Pakistan. All the Pakistanis living abroad will be able to buy a piece of land as per their choice and budget directly into a housing society. So, the overseas block will be attracting foreign investment.

This will not only facilitate the foreign living Pakistanis to have a legitimate property in Pakistan but also it will bring the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Pakistan causing a meager but sure betterment for Pakistan’s miserable economy. Above all, it is best fit for those who are looking for the investment opportunities in their home land – Pakistan. Payment plans and details are yet to come.

Overseas Block

As the name suggests, the overseas block will be dedicated to the expats of Pakistan. All the Pakistanis living abroad will be able to buy a piece of land as per their choice and budget directly into a housing society. So, the overseas block will be attracting foreign investment.

This will not only facilitate the foreign living Pakistanis to have a legitimate property in Pakistan but also it will bring the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Pakistan causing a meager but sure betterment for Pakistan’s miserable economy. Above all, it is best fit for those who are looking for the investment opportunities in their home land – Pakistan. Payment plans and details are yet to come.

Landmarks in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad

The developer seems totally interested in providing higher standard of life in the society. There are several modern and updated landmarks either finalized or purposed to build in near future. Currently purposed landmarks include;

  • Main Park
  • The Grand Mosque
  • Safari Kingdom
  • Commercial Center
  • Clock Tower
  • Golf Arena
Main Park

There is a vast land dedicated for the main park of the society. Major part of the park is ready to visit and families love to spend time on weekends there. Not only inhabitants but outsiders also visit and admire the vision, infrastructure, and theme of the park. A lush green land with indigenous trees and birds is a major alluring stuff for the people currently living in the congested city areas. So, investors and visitors equally like it.

Safari Kingdom

As the name suggests, there will be a world-class safari for the inhabitants of the Kingdom Valley to visit and recreate fun. Rare animals, guided tours, and fun spots are a compulsory component of the Safari Kingdom. A stand by security team and rapid rescue team are also purposed. So, this is going to the best and safest safari. Animals will be offered a natural habitat as much as possible. Fast food stalls and rest spots are also included.

The Grand Mosque

Spacious, serene, and spectacular mosque is purposed for the Kingdom Valley. This mosque will the grand mosque of the society besides all other small mosques available for each block. It is estimated that the mosque will be enough for 2000 worshippers. Its structure and designed is prepared by the country well-known architectures and civil engineers. There will be fool-proof security, highly efficient management and well-educated Khateebs.

Commercial Center

Kingdom Valley’s Commercial center will serve the purpose of a central economic and commercial hub. Here the inhabitants can find all brands, different kinds of cuisines, fast food franchises, and play-areas for their kids. Besides these activities, it will also serve the corporate activities too. Offices, meeting halls, and conference rooms will also be available for the corporate world. In a nut shell, this commercial center will the core of all financial activities of the Kingdom Valley.

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower of the Kingdom Valley will be located in the last part of the society. This is replica of the western architecture – a minaret with a big clock on it. A fully functional clock will be displayed. Several feet high this clock tower will be visible from even a larger distance in the society. A small park around the clock tower will allow the visitor to sit and chat.

Golf Arena

No one can deny the importance of the games and sports. The developer of the Kingdom Valley seems to be more interested in the sports of elite – the golf. Golf requires a larger space and higher maintenance cost than almost all other sports. So, a few societies offer golf sports space. The Kingdom Valley has dedicated lush green fields for the Golf.

Why Should You Invest in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

One of the most important questions is why one should invest in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Investors ask this question frequently. On the other hand, the people who are planning to make a home in the Kingdom Valley are also very concerned with this aspect. Obviously, this is much important to know before investing your hard-earned money in any venture.

Well, there can be several reasons. However, besides some cons there are a lot of pros that are attracting the people to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad not only from the Twin Cities but from all over the Punjab and Pakistan. Even the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is getting popular among the overseas Pakistanis. They are considering it the safe bet for their future and families. Following are the reasons to invest in the Kingdom Valley;

Approved by Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

First and the foremost trustworthy point is that the Kingdom Valley is partnered with the Government for Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. So, the approval of this housing society is beyond the doubt. As this housing project is somehow supported by the Government of Pakistan, there are no chances of fraud, fake allocations, or Noc rejection issues. Therefore, the Kingdom Valley, Islamabad is a safe bet for the investors as well as those who are planning to buy a plot for their future home.

NOC Issued and Legally Authorized Society

As we have discussed in detail above about the legal status of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is registered under NOC registration number: DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. Moreover, the society is duly approved by the PHATA, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and AHS Punjab. So, if there are several approvals by the Government herself, the society won’t be an illegal scheme. This is the reason people and investors are rapidly attracted to invest in this society within no time. Even the average income families are responding massively. 

Most Affordable Housing Society near Islamabad

In the scenario of ever-increasing prices of land and even commodities, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a fresh breeze for the people looking forward to building their dream homes. Unlike other expensive housing societies, Kingdom Valley offers really affordable investments. Amazingly, there is nothing less than the other societies. Same level of facilities, location, and ambiance but too cheap. For example, you can get a plot in as less as PKR 5,250/- installment per month with a down payment of just PKR 75,000/-

Kingdom Valley A Safe Investment for Future

Unlike bogus housing societies, the Kingdom Valley is an authorized and legal project. In near future, the properties will witness a hike in prices let alone the premium places like Kingdom Valley, Islamabad. Currently, investors are earning highest ROI (return on investment) up to 10% by investing here in Kingdom Valley. So, either you are investing for short-term or long-term, there is always a surety of profit. On the other hand, we at Luxurious Marketing ensure best investment of our clients.

Prime Location of the Kingdom Valley, Islamabad

Location of a property makes or breaks the game. Investors always keep this aspect in consideration. Developer and CEO of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad seem to be well-aware of this concern. They selected land which is a few minutes away from all major facilities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. For instance, inhabitants of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad can access airport, motorway, ring road, main city Rawalpindi, and GT road within a few minutes. Its premium location is everything.

which is dedicated for single-story houses and the second for the double-story houses. Similarly, blocks have non-traditional choices too. Kingdom Villas and Farmhouses block are unique additions in a society. In a nutshell, Kingdom Valley has everything for everyone.

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Latest Developments in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Development is happening at the rapid pace since its inception. All the investors, stakeholders, and developer are dedicated to complete basic infrastructure as soon as possible. Moreover, several MoUs are signed with the prominent franchises, brands, and outlets to start working in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Famous brands have acquired plots in the Kingdom Valley and they have marked their sites reserved under their names.

Overall, a fast pace of development can be witnesses in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad to provide housing units with the basic facilities and amenities. As per the master plan, Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s design is started appearing on the land. For instance, roads, boundaries, and landmarks are marked on land. Following milestones are almost achieved or are supposed to be completed soon.

  • Carpeted Roads
  • Main Entrance
  • Main Park
  • Electricity Supply
  • Sewerage and Water Supply
  • Green Belts
  • Land Allocation for the Grand Mosque
  • Commercial Block
  • Football Ground

If you want to see the latest developments and construction progress, it is better to visit the site. So that you can see all the progress and make a final decision. Or you can contact us via WhatsApp or call. We will take you to the site and discuss Kingdom Valley’s infrastructure and the future prospects.

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Facilities and Amenities Offered by the Kingdom Valley Islamabad

There is no doubt that the people are shifting to the housing societies for the sake of better life styles. A better life style essentially includes security, power supply, educational institutes, and well-managed housing. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is again best fit for the people looking for the higher life style. It is offering following exclusive amenities for its inhabitants.

24/7 Power Supply

Kingdom Valley is offering 24/7 power supply for its inhabitants. Pakistan is facing a shortfall. So, the developer of the society has kept this aspect in mind. An uncut power supply will be there to ensure routine-wise chores of the inhabitants.

Fool-Proof Security

Security is the top-of-the-list amenity that is demanded by the inhabitants. Kingdom Valley has a planned security and surveillance system. CCTV cameras, well-trained security staff, and rapid response team are major elements of the security protocol.

Playground and Parks

A sound body has a sound mind. There are several small parks and a main park are planned for the better health of the inhabitants. For example, a state-of-the-art football ground is established. Moreover, gyms, spas and sports complex are also in consideration.

Best Educational Institutes

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is planning to sign MoUs with reputable educational institutes. Though the names are not revealed yet, however, these educational institutes will be of national and international educational scope.

A Society Bound Graveyard

Besides all other facilities, a graveyard is essential for a community too. This helps inhabitants of the housing society to bury their loved ones nearby and have easy and quick access for praying them. Sufficient land is allocated and planned for this purpose.

Commercial and Economic Zone

A commercial and economic block is also included in development plan of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. At this center, there will be several choices for corporate and commercial activities. Spaces for offices, shopping, and hang-out are there.

State-of-the-Art Safari and Zoo

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is also having a safari and zoo in development plan. This safari will prove a great source of amusement for inhabitants and specially for kids. A zoo with eco-friendly aspect for animals will also be there. This is going to be a perfect blend of joy and thrill.

Continuous Maintenance Plan

The developer has left no stone unturned. Even after sale, they are concerned with the society’s living standards. That’s why they have planned to establish an authority to keep check and balance on the regular maintenance and preservation of all landmarks and facilities.

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Overall, the society is purpose-built. They have vision. So, the development plan includes sustainable aspects too. They are aimed at not harming the environment at all. Also, they are keeping in mind to endure the natural habitat of the local wildlife and plants.

Community Centers for Inhabitants

For healthy relationships among the inhabitants of the Kingdom Valley there will be community centers. These community centers will serve the propose of meet and greet for the residents. This is a real amazing addition in a walled-society ever.

Kingdom Valley Site Visit & Development Updates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is located near Chakri road near M2 motorway and a few minutes away from the Rawalpindi city. Nearest landmarks are International Islamabad Airport, GT Road, and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Islamabad is 39 minutes away from the Kingdom Valley. Nearest interchange is located at Chakri Road just 7 Km away from the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Kingdom Valley is approved under the NOC number (NOC Approved DRG/PHATA/2176-2021) from government of Pakistan. Also, it is approved by the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and PHATA.

There are several reasons but highest ROI (Return on Investment – around 10-15%), affordable rates and instalment plans as low as PKR 5,250/- per month, and premium location make Kingdom Valley Islamabad best for investment.

Main Park, Football Ground, Power Supply, Sewerage and Water Supply, Carpeted Roads, Green Belts, Land allocation for Grand Mosque, and Main Entrance are ready. Golf Arena, Commercial Block, and Executive Block are under construction.

Plots are available in a variety of sizes as per the budget of the investor. Overall, domestic plot sizes are 3.5 Maral, 05 Marla, 08 Marla, 10 Marla, 01 Kanal, 02 Kanal, 04 Kanal, and 08 Kanal. Commercial plots are of 02 Marla, 04 Marla, and 08 Marla.

No, Kingdom Valley is not approved by RDA. However, the society has an NOC Approved DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. It is also an official partner of Pakistan Government for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Being approved by Government of Pakistan, Kingdom Valley is receiving overwhelming response from investors. In future, this will be a gold-in-hand. Plot prices already increased by 23%. Fast development and location are best things of Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

300 Kanals is the current land area acquired by the Kingdom Valley. However, in future, they are planning to get 1500 Kanals.

The installments period ranges from 40 to 48 months (around 4 years) depending on the block and plot sizes. Also, it depends on the type of plot too either it is residential or commercial.

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