Blue World City Islamabad

Second to none, twin cities’ best real estate project is on-board. As of now, Blue World City, Islamabad remains Pakistan’s most favorite housing society. Its best and easy-to-understand price plans are attracting people not only across the country but Pakistani expats too. Foreign living Pakistanis are finding Blue World City Islamabad as the most trustable investment in Pakistan. There shouldn’t be any doubt after all.

Blue World City Islamabad has numerous attractive and appealing aspects for the investors and residents. Investors are considering it as the best opportunity ever seen within the twin cities – Islamabad and Rawalpindi. On the other hand, Blue World City, Islamabad is featured as the top location to choose for living as permanent resident. Therefore, Blue World City, Islamabad is the golden opportunity for all. So, it’s like now or never! Choice is yours.

Blue World City Complete Detail By Nabeel Raza

Location of Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City, Islamabad is located at the most prestigious place of the Pakistan’s Motorway’s network. It is situated alongside M2 (Lahore – Islamabad Motorway). Lahore and Islamabad are two of the most prominent cities in Pakistan. So, you can imagine what worth the Blue World City, Islamabad would have in future. Blue World City Chakri Road Rawapindi is exactly located alongside the Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M2).

Moreover, Blue World City, Islamabad is near to the Ring Road. There are some interchanges to Motorway and Ring Road that offer the best routes out to the other cities and Islamabad City. Islamabad Airport is also a few minutes away from the housing society. So, all these amenities make the Blue World City, Islamabad best ever housing society to invest and reside in.

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Legal Status of Blue World City Islamabad

Mostly Housing Societies face legal processing issues and to obtain an NOC from Government Authorities. Obviously, this is the most important thing for an investor as well as an individual who is planning to spend his/her life in that society.

However, good news is that the Blue World City, Islamabad has obtained a legally valid NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority via Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F PHS-PTR-10/148. At first that 427 Kanal region received approval from the proper authorities. Then, in the year 2018 the request for an acquisition in the amount of 5000 Kanal was filed and the request was accepted following a lengthy process. You are now able to invest in this incredible project without any hint of doubt.

Blue World City Islamabad Accessible Points

Blue World City has become a blue eye boy among investors because of its premium location. Investors are completely understanding future prospects and profit that they can get by investing in the Blue World City. Just look at the multiple accessible points and you’ll be impressed;

  • Islamabad Expressway
  • Adiala Road Access
  • Near to GT Road
  • Easy Access from M2 (Lahore – Islamabad Motorway)
  • Close to Rawalpindi ring Road
  • Main Entrance is on Chakri Road

Some Salient Features of Blue World City Islamabad

Founders of the Blue World City, Islamabad knows what needs to build a world-class housing society. Blue World City Islamabad shows their futuristic approach and a broader vision. They have planned each and everything as per the psychology of the people and investors.
That’s why, you can see a lot of amenities, attractions and monuments. Probably, no other housing society in Pakistan does hold that number of attraction points. Let’s learn about all attraction spots one-by-one.

World’s Tallest Horse Mascots are in Blue World City Islamabad

It is no more a wonder that Pakistan’s real estate landmark is witnessing marvelous progress in these days. It seems that the real estate developers are now competing with rest of the world. Blue World City Islamabad is second to none in this aspect again.

Yes, Blue World City Islamabad is going to build world’s tallest horse mascots. Previously, this title was held by the Falkirk, Scotland structures. Falkirk Horse Mascots – The Kelpies are 30 meter high. However, the Blue world City Islamabad’s Horse Mascots are going to snatch this title soon.

Blue World City Islamabad’s majestic horse mascots will be 125 feet tall. Major concept behind building that tall horse mascots was simply to attract more and more visitors to Pakistan. It is anticipated by developers of the Blue World City Islamabad’s developers that this will prove a great attraction for the local as well as foreigner individuals.

Other features of this sturdy structure will be:

Luminous Structure At Night

Glowing giant horse mascots start mesmerizing visitors from a long distance. They simply make people astonished. World’s tallest horse mascots at Blue world City Islamabad has been proved to be best ever visited sight at night for many people. Individuals take photos and put on their social media with proud.

Shopping Area

Soon there will be a dedicated shopping area for visitors. Horse Mascots are going to be the apple of residents’ and investors’ eyes. And the most enjoyable place in Blue World City Islamabad for visitors. Are you up to visit it?

Art Gallery

State-of-the-art Art Gallery will be established in the lower level of these horse mascots. Go, visit with your friends and family. And grab some most magnificent art pieces from the notable artisans.

Food Court

In the end, you will have a delicious place to sit and order some finger-likin meal for you and your family. Mouth-watering, gravy dripping, and sour & salty meals with awesome view of majestic horse mascots is just awesome!

Corporate Office – Burj Al Arab Replica in Blue World City

In future, Blue World City, Islamabad will be the world class tourist destination. Society’s developers have planned a number of replicas of historical structures, monuments, and modern buildings. Burj Al Arab is one of them. This tower will serve the purpose of a corporate office space for all the residents of the Blue World City.

Though the structure won’t be as tall as the original one, yet it will be the same in any other way. Standing 300 feet tall, this structure will be a blend of corporate as well as entertainment activities. Apartments, offices, cafés, a 119 feet wide atrium, and even co-working spaces will be included in this modern structure.

Above all, the Burj Al Arab replica has been inaugurated on July 19, 2020. CEO of Blue Group of Companies, Saad Nazir presented a complete presentation on the corporate office replica – the Burj Al Arab of Blue World City. A number of developers, corporate personalities, real-estate lovers, and media participated overwhelmingly.

blue world city burj
Salient features of the Corporate Office – Blue World City Islamabad

Being the first ever of its kind project in any housing society in Pakistan, replica of Burj Al Arab is grabbing tons of attention and appreciation. It’s features and amenities are the just amazing let’s explore some of them here;

World Class Helipad

Since it will be a center of corporate activities and higher-profile visits, it is necessary to have a dedicated air transportation amenity.

Keeping this aspect in mind, Burj Al Arab of Blue World City will have a helipad. This will ensure the frictionless maneuverability of corporate activities.

Most Modern Facilities

Last but not the least, this 300-meter tall Burj Al Arab Replica is going to be the as professional-looking as any business hub in the modern world. Fast elevators, smart systems, high profile security, and impeccable architecture will make it second to none.

Dedicated working space, offices, and amenities like gym & spa will add value like none of the other corporate hub in the country.

Sophisticated Cuisine Brands

It is a fact that the Star Bucks isn’t a coffee shop, but a co-working space. That mean somehow classy cuisines are co-related with the corporate activities.

Burj Al Arab Replica in the Blue World City, Islamabad will also have some world’s famous restaurants and franchises of sophisticated cuisine brands. We can bet it is going to the most mind-boggling thing for corporate class in the housing society.

Roof Top Tennis Court

It seems the developers and architectures love the sustainability and comprehensiveness. A classy tennis court on the roof top will be another amazing feature.

Tired of working? No worries, just go up and have a round in the tennis court, you are all charged up again.

119-Feet High Atrium

Atrium adds value in big buildings. An Atrium Hall refers to a big open roof hall that can be used for seminars, buffets, conferences, and even outdoor parties or activities. Burj Al Arab Replica in blue World City will have a centrally located 119-feet tall atrium adding an extra glance to the glimpse of this corporate space.

Other Features

Along with the above-mentioned features, The Burj Al Arab Replica in Blue World City holds following landscapes;

  • 14 floors and 3 basements
  • Total area 11802 Square Meters
  • Replica of the Botanical Gardens in Thailand
  • Executive Penthouse Apartments
  • Workout & Spa Amenities
  • 24/7 Security Power Backups

Blue World City’s Water Theme Park

Another spectacular structure for visitors and residents will the Blue World Water Theme Park. The hilly terrain is converted into world class water theme park with the help of internationally recognized Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd, China.

So, the people ready for an action packed day-out can spend time and enjoy meals from KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut and other such famous brands. Built over 70,000 square meters, this theme part will be second to none in Pakistan.

A Theme Park on Natural Contours

Hilly contours are naturally present there. So, the visitors will witness an experience like never before. Slides on the natural ups and down will add a thrill and excitement for even a simple ride. Along with water slides, there will be a dedicated kids play area.

20-World Class Hot Rides

One of its kind in Pakistan, Blue World City’s Water Theme Park will have 20 hot rides. Adding thrill to the tour, these hot rides are widely popular among the visitors of theme parks around the world. So, we can say that the Blue World City is bringing an out of the country experience for Pakistanis.

Trained Staff to Handle Emergency

Though the mechanism of the Blue World City’s Water Theme Park is fool-proof. It is less likely that an emergency can happen. Yet the planners have put well-trained staff to handle emergency situations. This makes the Blue World City’s Theme Park a safe place to go.

Other Features

There are some other features too:

  • Smart Security Systems
  • Emergency Medical First Aid
  • Hygienic and Fresh Water
  • Areas for Meals
  • Separate Kids Play Area
  • 70,000 Square Meter Covering

Blue Mosque of Blue World City

Another replica depicting the glory of Islam is Blue Mosque. The original Blue Mosque is in Istanbul, Turkey officially named as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The Blue Mosque in Turkey can accommodate up to 10,000 Muslims at a time for prayer. Amazingly, the Blue Mosque Replica in the blue World City will be able to accommodate 15,000 Muslims for prayer – 5,000 more than the original one.

This magnificent structure will be crown of the Blue World City. The Replica Blue Mosque in the Blue World City will be built on the same areas as the original one does hold. However, some extensions will add more area for worshippers. So, we can say that the Blue Mosque will be built not only same in structure but the essence as well.

Salient Features of Blue Mosque Replica in Blue World City
A Wide Area of 43494 Sq. Mtr

Blue Mosque replica in the Blue World City, Islamabad is a really magnificent structure to be built in the Pakistan in these days. It is one of its kind replica mosques in Pakistan. Built over the area of 43494 Sq Mtr the Blue Mosque is being built by the professional engineers, architectures, and craftsmen. So, soon we are going to witness another jewel on the land of Pakistan.

A Wide Basement

Amazingly, this mosque will have a basement as wide as 5018.52 Sq Metr. Such a wide basement will be enough for the worshiper to be accommodated on special occasions like Friday or Eid Prayers. So, it will be more than enough for the residents of the housing society. Well lit, water proof, ventilated basement will feel as like as hall on the ground.

Security and Safety

A smart security system will be installed to monitor all the activities of the visitors to avoid criminal invaders. A tight security check is being witnessed at the entrance. Other than the main entrance there will not be an easy way to invade. So, this mosque will be safe in all aspects.

Park Around the Mosque

There is a planned park around the mosque that will add not only beauty to the landscape but also reduce the heat effect created by the concrete structure of the Blue Mosque. This is designed in a way to fulfill several purposes at the same time. For instance, the developer mentioned one of its several purposes would be to accommodate worshippers on special days. So, Park around the mosque is a plus point.

Location of the Mosque

Keeping the importance of a mosque in mind the developers has planned to build it in the heart of the Blue World City. It will make every one’s access more feasible and easier to go and pray. Being located in the center of the housing society it will be an easy reach option from all nooks and corners of the Blue World City, Islamabad.

Additional Features
  • Total Area 43494 Sq. Mtr
  • Covered Area 7946 Sq Mtr
  • Main Domes 5, 8 secondary Domes and total 6 Minarets
  • Trained staff and Imam
  • Hot water in winter and air conditioned in summer
  • Hygienic and Sanitized surfaces

Pakistan’s First Real Night Safari & Zoo

New in town, night safari is being built first time in Pakistan by the Blue World City. A night safari is a forest terrain with wild animals and ambiance visited by the tourists in night time. Nigh Safari of Singapore was the first ever night safari in world and visiting it is just an amazing experience.

Blue World City, Islamabad is looking forward to building some that kind of safari to entertain its residents as well as visitors. It will be quite a safe experience for the visitors. So, going to visit the Night Safari at Blue World City will be a memorable experience. Some prominent features of the Night Safari at Blue World City will be;

  • A complete tour to the Jungle
  • Ride on the Safari Express
  • Zoo for Kids
  • Different Breeds of Animals
  • Safety and Security Guaranteed
  • Fast Food Stalls and Brands
  • Recreational Activities

Largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan by Blue World City, Islamabad

Another feather in hat is attained by the Blue World City, Islamabad by building the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan. Previously, National Stadium in Karachi was the largest cricket. Now, once built, the Cricket Stadium in Blue World City will be the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan.

National Stadium was the second largest before the renovation of Qaddafi Stadium. Qaddafi Stadium had seating capacity of around 27,000 spectators before renovation. On the other hand, the Stadium is being built in the Blue World City, Islamabad will have a capacity of 55,000.

Forces School Franchise in Blue World City, Islamabad

Forces School has been the notable educational institution for kids in Twin Cities. They have opened their flagship campus in the Blue World City, Islamabad and have started admissions process too. This prestigious educational institute has a reputation second to none.

So, the residents of the Blue World City will be able to get their kids educated in a world class institution present at their door steps. Architecture of the school’s building is developed by Blue Bricks company. Moreover, the amenities and security have no parallel. Some salient features of the Forces School Flagship Campus are as follow;

  • School Transport
  • Fool Proof Security
  • Sports and Workout Complex
  • Well Trained Staff
  • IT and Science Labs
  • Hostels for Girls and Boys
  • Cafeteria
  • Spacious Building

Blue World City Latest Developments 2023

In 2023, Blue World City is transforming into a vibrant community with notable achievements like completing Horse Mascots and introducing Second Cup Coffee. One Stop Commercial is nearing completion, while the Water Park, Eagle’s Nest, Sports Arena, Access Avenue, and Northern Avenue show progress. Trafalgar Square and Forces School are almost finished.

Rapid development is observed in Hollywood, General, Overseas, and Downtown. NAC 6 and Mercury Tower construction advances swiftly. Future attractions include Sports Valley and Cricket Stadium, solidifying Blue World City’s allure as a thriving community.

Blue World City Islamabad Blocks

Parallel to none, Blue World City, Islamabad has further divisions and blocks. These blocks are created to allocate and distribute residential areas properly. This is why the Blue World City Islamabad has become the apple of eyes of the investors and builders. Let’s discover each block one-by-one.

Water Front District of Blue World City, Islamabad

Imagine, you get up in the morning and raise the curtain to see a lake of blue water with the stars twinkling on the water surface because of sun light’s reflection. What else can be the best scene than this one? Certainly no one!

Amazingly, the Blue World City’s developers has turned this dream into reality already. Yes, Water Front District Block of the Blue World City Islamabad is the exactly what that you would love to choose for life time living – even after your retirement. Residential plots are just on the bank of blue water bodies. This means there will be some lakes around the residencies. So, this block will be the perfect place to live, fun, and retire.

Water Front District will have several plots of 5 Marla, 6 Marla 12 Marla and 18 Marla. This will be next to overseas block – a premium location in the society. So, the Water Front District will be a blend of affordability, serenity, and luxury.

Good news is; like all other blocks, Water Front District plots are also available on the 4 years installments plan. You can book your plot by 10% down payment followed by the 5% confirmation fee. For rest of the 40 months, you’ll have to pay a flat amount of PKR 17,500/- per month. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s give a try!

Payment Plan of Water Front District Blue World City, Islamabad
4 Years Payment Plan

General Block of Blue World City, Islamabad

Blue World City’s main and the biggest block is General Block. This is the first ever part that was started and near to complete in the Blue World City, Islamabad. In this block, nearly 70% development work is complete and the developers are providing all basic necessities to the residents like water supply, natural gas and uncut supply of electric power.

On the other hand, this block has most reasonable rates and it is getting populated rapidly. With the latest developments it has become the most attractive part in the Blue World City, Islamabad to invest. However, mostly people are buying plots in this block to construct homes and live there. Available plots in this block are as follow;

Residential Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Prominent features of the General Block in the Blue World City, Islamabad are;

  • Affordable prices
  • Various options for plot sizes
  • Rapid development
  • Low range of down payment and installments
  • Perfect for immediate residence
  • Easy access from all parts of the Blue World City’s exit and entry points
Payment Plan of General Block of Blue World City, Islamabad
Commercial Plots

Overseas Block of Blue World City, Islamabad

Another feather in the hat of Blue World City, Islamabad is its Overseas Block – a perfectly prestigious and premium place to invest or live. As the Blue World City, Islamabad’s main theme is based on the Pakistan-China Friendship, there is a part dedicated for the Chinese nationals who are thinking to live and make Pakistan their second home. Several Chinese are working and living Pakistan, specially after staring a giant venture CPEC between Pakistan and China.

In short, the Blue World City, Islamabad has fully dedicated block for the Chinese nationals to buy property and live in Pakistan. It is one of its kind so far in Pakistan and specially in Twin Cities.

On the other hand, the Overseas Block of Blue World City, Islamabad is just in the side of the part dedicated to the Chinese nationals with the same amenities like security, uncut supply of power, and top-notch ambiance. This block is actually developed for the overseas Pakistani’s either to invest or to live here.

In this block, there are plots of several sizes ranging from 07 Marla to 2 Kanal for domestic use and 5 – 10 Marla for commercial plots. Prices are higher than the other blocks comparatively. However, the location and amenities perfectly justify higher prices – as good things never come free. Following plot sizes are available in the Overseas Block of Blue World City, Islamabad.

Residential Plots

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
Payment Plan of Overseas Block in Blue World City, Islamabad
Commercial Plots

Sports Valley of Blue World City, Islamabad

Featuring Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, Sports Valley stands out among rest of the parts of the Blue World City, Islamabad. This largest cricket stadium of Pakistan will be ready soon with a capacity of 55,000 spectators at a time. Besides, largest cricket stadium in Pakistan, Sports valley will hold numerous sports spaces and venues ranging from the world class gymnasium to running tracks and football grounds to the indoor games like table tennis, etc.

So, the residents of the Sports Valley of Blue World City will be enjoying calmness along with the active life side-by-side. Sports complexes in the Sports Valley offer wide variety of the games and sports, becoming the apple of eyes of the residents of entire Blue World City, Islamabad.

Moreover, it offers a several investment opportunities. A cricket stadium of internal scope can be the house of international cricket activities in future. So, this block may become entirely a commercial area then. Therefore, investing in the Sports Valley of the Blue World City, Islamabad is the best ever bet in Twin Cities. Plots of the following sizes will be available;

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal
Salient Features of the Sports Valley, Blue World City, Islamabad
  • All games and sports activities just a step away
  • Fool-proof security
  • International cricket stadium
  • Uncut supply of power
  • Located at the premium location of society
  • Center of all the extracurricular activities in society
  • Healthy lifestyle
Payment Plan for the Sports Valley of Blue World City, Islamabad

Blue World City Awami Block

A master piece developed by two unicorns of the real estate business – Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies (IGC), this block is solely dedicated for the low-income families of the Twin Cities. With really affordable prices, Awami Complex holds a wide range of plot sizes and configuration like 4.5 Marla plots. Above all, it is readily approved by the TMA (official approval letter no. 241-MO Planning 20 (05-03-2020).

As far as the amenities are concerned, there is nothing less than the premium blocks. Everything is top-notch and world class. That means you can live a luxury life as like as in the premium societies but at much lower cost. These low-cost plots are available at four years installment plans.

Salient Features of the Blue World City Awami Block
  • Highly affordable
  • Low down payment
  • Less quarterly charges
  • Lower confirmation fee
  • All amenities as like as premium societies
  • Smaller plots for smaller families
  • Adjacent to the premium blocks
Payment plan for Awami Block Blue World City, Islamabad

Blue World City Executive Block

Blue World City, Islamabad holds another jewel in the chest. Yes, this is Executive Block of the Blue World City, Islamabad. As name shows; this block holds premium amenities and facilities like none of the others. Thought the entire Blue World City projects are purpose built but the executive block is specially built to maintain higher living standards for those who prefer quality over quantity.

Moreover, being the prime project by the developers, it is a golden opportunity to invest in nuts and get a considerable return. This is the reason that the Executive Block of the Blue World City, Islamabad has become a hot deal in these days. Besides modern amenities, an overall purpose-built structure of the Blue World City, Islamabad imparts a special status to the Executive Block.

Salient Features of the Executive Block

Some of the salient features of the Executive Block of Blue World City, Islamabad are as follow;

  • Premium location
  • Affordable yet higher living standard
  • Diverse culture in the block
  • Dedicated market places
  • Wider roads and green belts
  • Easy installment plan
  • Nearest to Twin Cities’ Road
  • A blend of comfort and luxury
  • Ideal for both residents and investors
Payment plan for Executive Block of Blue World City, Islamabad

Hollywood Block Blue World City, Islamabad

Blue World City, Islamabad has become a hot spot for people around the Pakistan not only Twin Cities – Islamabad and Rawalpindi. After receiving mind boggling response for Water Front District and Executive Block, the developers of the Blue World City, Islamabad thought to build another master piece for those who want to experience luxury and comfort side-by-side.

Hollywood Block is a perfect blend of the indulgence and coziness at reasonable rates. Modern amenities and necessarily adopted a modern infrastructure along with an updated outlook of the homes make this block standing out among rest of the areas.

Some Salient Features of the Hollywood Block

Hollywood Block has some unique features that other blocks definitely don’t have. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Modern constructive outlook
  • Western inspired infrastructure
  • Updated standards of living
  • Up-to-the-minute amenities
  • Based on the Hollywood theme
  • Top-notch security
  • Exclusive markets
  • Franchises of modern cuisines
  • Tourism-based theme
  • International standard facilities
Payment Plan for Hollywood Block Blue World City Islamabad

How to Book A Plot in Blue World City, Islamabad?

Booking plot in the Blue World City, Islamabad is as simple as ABC. There are a few steps that you need to follow properly and you can book a plot your own. These simple 4 steps are need to be followed to get a plot booked. Let’s learn more about these simple 4 steps;
  1. Visit blue world city’s official website or talk to the one of our real estate experts at Luxurious Marketing.
  2. Get the information about potential investment, location of the plot and any estimate about return on investment.
  3. Following documents are needed for process completion;
    1. Two Passport-Size Pictures
    2. Copy of National Identity Card/NICOP for foreign living Pakistanis
    3. Copy of National Identity Card of your brother
    4. Pay order or Pay cheque
  4. You’ll be able to verify online through Blue World City’s website.
How to Verify Blue World City’s File?

Our expert real estate agents have several years of experience and hence they are the right bet to rely on for your next investment venture. Luxurious Marketing has been the best real estate marketing company in the town since the previous decade. Our loyal clientele and repeating customers percentage reaches around 69% in 2022. That means we are a safe bet for your hard-earned money.

Moreover, we assure our clients that every property/file bought or sold via us will be valid and legitimate. We research on all the project before recommending it to the customers/investors. Our specialists will also help you in verification process for the file of Blue World City, Islamabad. Or you can contact any official from the Blue World City, Islamabad itself. Another method to verify file is through the Blue World City’s official website. You can follow these steps to verify your file on official website of the Blue World City, Islamabad.

Go to the Official Website

First of all, open the Official Website of Blue World City, Islamabad. They have only one official website. Other similar names are not legitimate. So, be careful. You can Call or WhatsApp for guidance. One of our specialists will guide you completely. Official website looks like as follow;

Click on the Online Services Tab

On website find “Online Services” tab in the main menu. Click on it. You can see in the picture given below. The “Online Services” tab is highlighted with red mark and arrow.

Find and Click on “Online Reg Verification”

When you’ll click on the “Online Services” tab a drop-down menu will appear. In this drop-down menu you have to find “Online Reg Verification.”  You can see in the picture below. So, click on the “Online Reg Verification” tab in drop-down menu.

Fill the Information and Search

This is the last step. When you’ll click on the “Online Reg Verification” a new page will open. On that new page you’ll have to fill your information like “Form Number” and “Security Code.” After putting all the information click on the button “Search Record.” The Blue World City’s official website will show you the verification of your file. See the picture below;

registration file verification

Get Your Free Consultation

Why Blue World City is the Best Real Estate Project to Invest?

Blue World City, Islamabad is a flagship project by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). They have left no stone unturned to make it imparting best ever living and touring experience for Pakistanis, expats and even foreigners. Blue World City’s unique and useful location, it’s one of its kind design, top-notch infrastructure and easy to buy T&C are the most prominent features that allure everyone. So, it has become a hotspot in the real estate realm of Twin Cities.

On the other hand, investors are getting this opportunity as the most precious one in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They already have spotted this housing society as the gold digger thingy as they are anticipating a Return on Investment (ROI) up to 10-15%. This is a huge profit ever seen in the real estate domain. Indeed, there are solid reasons to invest in this project whether you are an investor or planning to make a dream home within your budget bracket. Following are the reasons to invest in the Blue World City, Islamabad;

Best Return on Investment (ROI) in Islamabad

Return on Investment matters a lot of the investors when they are investing into a new project or venture. Basically, Return on Investment (ROI) is the amount of profit that you’ll get after investing your capital. For example; when you are investing in the Blue World City, Islamabad real estate, you’ll get around 10-15% Return on Investment (ROI). That means with an investment of 5,000,000 you will get 5,00,000 to 7,50,000.

This high ratio of the Return on Investment is attracting investors all over the Pakistan. So, if you are an investor looking for an opportunity to invest and get a considerable profit margin, this can be the best ever bet. On the other hand, if you are looking for a plot to build your dream home, you can get benefit equally.

High-Standard Amenities

Blue World City, Islamabad is no doubt offering best ever facilities for residents of the society. There is no question on the facilities provided by the developers. Literally, the developers have followed the foot-steps of the most modern housing societies in the western countries. Spacious, easy to maneuver, quickly accessible, and modern infrastructure are the most prominent features. Other top-notch facilities are as follow;

  • Fool-proof security
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Top-notch educational institutes
  • Modern cuisines and food brands
  • World class healthcare services
  • Wider roads and modern markets
  • Sports complexes
  • Tourism spots and facilities
  • Mental and physical health amenities
  • Uncut supply of electric power across all blocks
  • Government approved and NOC granted
  • Near to airport, motorway and GT road
  • Quickly accessible from Twin Cities
  • Healthy air quality index
  • Moderate weather

There are really amazing and alluring bets that no one can resist. In a nutshell, we can say that this project/housing society is the best ever place to live in Pakistan. Natural hilly contours and modern accessibility to modern cities make it second to none.

Premium Location of Blue World City, Islamabad

When you are making mind to invest in any real estate project, consider its location. Location of any real estate project matters a lot. Moreover, distance of the adjacent cities, distance to the higher educational institutions, city’s major hospitals and shopping malls are some of the most common features that make or break the image of a housing society.

Keeping this important fact in mind the developers of the Blue World City has selected the most prominent and premium place near Rawalpindi – rightly adjacent to the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). Following are the salient features that make the Blue World City’s location best.

  • Adjacent to the Chakri Road and Chakri Interchange
  • Chakri M2 Toll Plaza – 15 Minutes’ Drive
  • New Islamabad Airport – 30 Minutes’ Drive
  • Islamabad City – 30 Minutes’ Drive
  • Rawalpindi City – 25 Minutes’ Drive
  • Grand Trunk (GT) Road – 45 Minutes’ Drive
  • DHA Islamabad – 50 Minutes’ Drive
  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi – 59 Minutes’ Drive
  • Rawat City – 50 Minutes’ Drive
  • Capital Smart City – 10 Minutes’ Drive
Location Map of Blue World City

Being situated at the most premium location near twin cities, Blue World City, indeed has an outclass placement. See the below detailed location map of Blue World City.

location plan

Easy Installments Plans – Blue World City, Islamabad

Another feather in the hat of Blue World City, Islamabad is it’s easy-on-pocket payments plan. You need not break your bank to buy a plot in this housing society unlike others. For instance, you can get a residential plot at a monthly installment as low as PKR 8,000/-

Moreover, it’s lowest down payment fee makes it best for the low-income individuals. Thus, the Blue World City, Islamabad is a beneficial plan equally for the poor and the rich yet offering equal level of living standards. So, if you are a low-income person, looking to have a dream home for your family yet, this is the best place to invest.

Attractions of the Blue World City, Islamabad

Blue World City, Islamabad has following distinctive features;

Most Attractive Replicas

There are several replicas that will attract tourists across all the country. Like, world’s tallest horse mascots, blue mosque replica, Rumi’s statue, and Burj Al Dubai. These will serve the purpose of enhanced financial and tourism activities.

Economic Zone & Commercial Hub

The developers of the Blue World City, Islamabad are planning to build an economic zone dedicated to the financial activities. Moreover, some small commercial markets and hubs will boost the society’s worth and value even higher.

Largest Cricket Stadium and Sports Complexes

Blue World City, Islamabad claims to hold the largest cricket stadium in the country with around seating capacity of 55,000 spectators. Besides this cricket stadium, there will be several sports complexes, gyms, and spas.

BWC Water Theme Park

Pakistan needs fun activity places. There are a few. Others are miserable. BWC developers has planned to build a world class water theme park for the residents of the society. A well-known Chinese firm is building it.

Night Safari and Zoo

Pakistan’s first ever night Safari is being built in the Blue World City, Islamabad. Also, there will be a zoo with unique and distinctive animal and birds breeds. Both of these spots will also have some recreational places too.

Polo and Riding Club

Again, the developers seem to have a plan to focus on quality and not quantity. Blue World City, Islamabad has a dedicated place for the Polo and Horse-Riding facility. The plan and infrastructure is as per international standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Blue World City, Islamabad is located at Charki Road, Rawalpindi

Yes, Blue World City has acquired a NOC (letter no. 241-MO Planning 20, 05-03-2020).

Development in Blue World City is in progress. Several blocks are witnessing construction works.

Yes, Blue World City, Islamabad is a legitimate project and is approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA).

In the the near future, there will the largest cricket stadium of country, and several recreational spots like a visiting investing water  theme park, polo and horse-riding club. Moreover, economic zones and commercial hubs will make it worth living, live and invest.

Yes, investing in the Blue World City, Islamabad is best bet. Because in future it will be the center of several commercial, recreational, and even international sports activities. Also, investors are expecting a 10-15% Return on Investment (ROI).

There are several blocks like the water front Awami district, executive block, Hollywood block, awami block, sports valley, general block, and overseas block, etc.

All blocks are best. However, depending on the infrastructure and presumed outlook, Hollywood block, Water Front District and executive block are the best to invest and live in.

Yes, BWC has a well-planned fool-proof 24/7 security. Moreover, it is near to the capital city of Pakistan which makes it safer than normal housing societies in Pakistan.

Blue World City has acquired overall 10,000 Kanals for this housing society project.

Yes, a hospital with world class amenities is being built in the Blue World City. Besides, some small healthcare centers are also setup.

There are famous educational institutes like Forces School. So, your kids can get a quality education at door-step while living in the Blue World City.

Best way is to visit their website and click on the online services tab. You’ll see an option of Online Reg Verification in the drop-down menu. There you can put your code and get information. Or call us at: 0300-3122888.

Visit official site of Blue World City or contact us for trustable sale and purchase of files in the Blue World City, Islamabad. Call us at: 0300-3122888.

Yes, plots are available at easy instalment plans with nominal down payments. You’ll have to pay as low as PKR 8,000/- per month for small plots. Call us at: 0300-3122888 for more information.

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