An Overview of Blue World City Balloting, Balloting Results and Updates

Blue World City Islamabad Balloting and Balloting Results Update
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Welcome to the Blue World City Islamabad, a prominent real estate scheme where dreams of modern living intertwines with innovative design and environmental sustainability. A project is developed by Blue Group of Companies, aspires to create a modern living environment based on international standards. Nestled in close proximity to Islamabad International Airport the area spans to estimated 150,000 Kanals, promising a life style you’ve always dreamt of. The highly anticipated event took place on 11th June 2023, the Blue World City Balloting. This event stood as a significant milestone in the Blue World City’s Journey, capturing the interests of investors as well as homeowners. The outcome of the Blue World City Balloting not only offered a glimpse into the future but also exerted influence on real estate world of Islamabad.

As you have guessed from the title, in this blog we will dig into all the details of Blue World City Balloting event and Blue World City Balloting results. We will relay key highlights, updates, and announcements. Whether you are a file holder or just a person looking to invest or buy a residential plot, stay tuned to learn about the impact of this momentous event in Islamabad’s real estate projects.

Importance of Balloting in Real Estate

Balloting events in real estate, exemplified by the Blue World City Balloting, are vital as they make sure the fair distribution of properties, these events inculcate investor confidence in project by demonstrating project legitimacy, affect local real estate markets, indicate crucial development milestones, promote community engagement, helps customers in making informed investment decisions, and amplify a project’s visibility and reputation.

The Blue World City Balloting event not only provided a platform for property allocation but also emphasized on the project’s commitment to fairness, and environmental sustainability, highlighting the key role of balloting in shaping the path of real estate endeavors.

Blue World City Balloting Event 2023

Date and Venue of the Balloting Event

Blue World City Balloting event took place on June 11, 2023. This event was highly anticipated in the real estate realm. The Blue World City Balloting event was conducted for four major blocks of Blue World City Islamabad. It was held on renowned Cricket Stadium, which lies in the Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Sports Valley.

Distinguished Guests and Personalities

The Blue World City Balloting event was attended by many renowned personalities from the real estate industry of Pakistan. Adding to the splendor of the occasion, our favorite fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, also known as the “Rawalpindi Express,” was the chief guest of Blue World City Balloting. Shoaib Akhtar is also the brand ambassador for Blue World City’s sports valley block, depicting his association with the project.

Significance of Shoaib Akhtar's Presence

Prior to the formal start of the event, top leadership of Blue World City took Shoaib Akhtar on an aerial tour of Blue World City Islamabad. After his initial encounter with the project he stated “Blue World City Islamabad is a reality.” Meaning the Blue World City Islamabad is indeed a tangible reality in the realm of Islamabad’s real estate.

This year’s balloting marked a significant step in Blue World City’s journey, as it allotted plot numbers in all the blocks of Blue World City except the general block. Members who have already met the payment criteria were eligible and awaited for results, with desire to secure plot in one of the Islamabad’s top most housing scheme. Blue World City Islamabad had made further announcements on planning to conduct balloting on 1st Ramzan 2023, including the general, overseas, Awami, and waterfront blocks, offering investors with the opportunity to create a lasting and fruitful investment opportunity with thin the progressing community.

Blocks Included in the Balloting Event

In this recent Blue World City Balloting, only four blocks were part of the event. This balloting event was crucial for those looking to invest or those who have already invested in particularly these four blocks. This Blue World City Balloting event decides the allocation of the plots. The blocks involved in Blue World City Balloting event are General Block, Overseas Block, Awami Block, and Waterfront Block. Each of the blocks is described in detail below.

General Block

Blue World City Islamabad’s General Block is a very appropriate and suitable choice for investors and homebuyers who are looking for affordable luxury living. This block meets the needs of the customers for residential plot as well as commercial area in every aspect moreover this block enjoys a prime location within Blue World City Islamabad.

Qualification Criteria for General Block Balloting

To be a member of General Block’s 5th Balloting, investors were required to meet a particular criteria; clearing 90% of their payment. This requirement makes sure that investors were fully committed to their investments in the Blue World City Islamabad.

Development Milestones

Following the Blue World City Balloting process, the management of Blue World City organized the General Block Balloted plots into sectors and also released the comprehensive plan for these sectors. The master plan of these sectors within the Blue World City’s General Block is available on the official website of Blue World City General Block Blue World City Islamabad.

Here you can see placement of plots within sectors 8 to 13 of General Block, ensuring a best use of the area keeping in mind the overall aesthetics of the block.

Investment Opportunities

Diverse range of residential and commercial options is available for customers to cater the need of everybody. Moreover, the aim of the block to provide affordable modern living is attracting a lot of customers. After the 5th General Block announcement, investors had time until late February 2023 to meet the 90% complete payment criteria

Overseas Block

Blue World City’s Overseas Block promises its investors and residents a bright future, with a number of benefits for those who choose luxury living based on international standards. Blue World City’s Overseas Block desirability is quite evident, as more and more people are willing to pay a premium price in order to have a plot here.

Eligibility for Overseas Block Balloting

In order to participate in the balloting for the overseas Block, investors needed to have cleared 75% of their payment. This requirement makes sure that investors were fully committed to their investments in the Blue World City Islamabad.

Balloting Process Details

This block specifically cater the needs of overseas Pakistanis, therefore, it presents the range of premium properties. Master plan of the Overseas Block includes 7, 10, 14 Marla plots, and 1 and 2 Kanal plots. The balloting event conducted for Overseas Block marked the 4rth instance.

Waterfront District

In the center of the Blue World City lies the Waterfront District. It is no less than a residential heaven. It is embellished with the beauty of natural waterfalls. With beautiful waterfalls and top-notch facilities, it offers a lifestyle that is impossible to find in any other.

The First Balloting Event

A significant milestone by the Waterfront District is its inaugural balloting event. Esteemed clients who have cleared 50% of their payment were invited. For future, management of the Blue World City introduced the plots; Lagoon 1 and Lagoon 5.

Awami Block

Awami Block of Blue World City Islamabad, as the name suggests its main aim is affordability. Here affordability meets the modern living standards.

Balloting for 4.5 Marla Plots

For customers having files for 4.5 Marla plots and who have also cleared 50% payment, the balloting process awaits. These plots are located within Awami Nest 1, very thoughtfully organized and planned by the management, keeping in mind the needs of the customers, especially middle class.

Awami Block Investment

This block offers affordable plots to the middle class and lower middle class. Those customers with files for 4.5 Marla plots and have had cleared 50% of the payment via APR or cash payments. Similar criteria are followed for 3 and 3.5 Marla plots via cash payments makes you eligible for the first Awami ballot.

Post-Balloting Scenario

After the successful Blue World City Balloting event, the project has witnessed a spontaneous surge in activity. This event has increased investor’s confidence leading to more development and expansion of projects.

Commercial Plot Frenzy

Balloting results for the 5, 8 Marla plots have created quite a spur. These plots with their affordable rates, promising future returns, and strategic locations were greatly desired by the investors.

Opportunities Abound

For those fortunate enough to secure plots in the balloting, a world of opportunities awaits. However, even if luck wasn’t on your side this time, there’s no need to worry. The future holds potential opportunities, as Blue World City plans to introduce more residential and commercial plots. This means more chances for eager investors and future residents. The management has already hinted at upcoming development phases, opening doors for new investors to join the journey. Stay tuned!

Lucky are those who secured plots in the Blue World City Balloting event. However, if luck wasn’t on your side, hold still as the future is filled with opportunities as the management is going to announce new plans, blocks and more advancements.

Chairman's Speech and Announcements

Mr. Saad Nazir: Chairman of the Blue World City shared some important news. Firstly, he announced that PHATA Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency had issued an NOC for the 12,700 Kanals and can be verified by official PHATA’s website.

Secondly, he mentioned that Blue World City is planning to construct a 45km long Sheikh Zayed Avenue, extending from Adyala Road in Rawalpindi to Fateh Jhang Road in Islamabad.

He also extended an invitation to other housing societies like DHA and Bahria Town. He also offered to help the Government of Pakistan paying off the nation’s loan on behalf of the real estate community of Pakistan.

How to Check Balloting Results

  1. Download the Blue World City Islamabad app from the Google Play store or visit the official BWC website.
  2. Go to the balloting section on the app or website.
  3. Fill in two empty sections with your BWC registration number (found on the top left side of your plot file) and your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number with dashes.
  4. Click on the “search record” button.

Here is step by step guide to check the Ballot results of Blue World City Islamabad.

As you open the page, you’ll see a table with 7 columns displaying the details of plot with the registration number, plot size, category, member number, sector, street number and finally plot number. If you are unable to see these details, it means you aren’t qualified for the balloting yet.


In conclusion, the Blue World City Balloting event held on June 11, 2023, marked an important milestone in the real estate landscape. Not only plots were allocated but also confidence of investors also boosted. The General, Overseas, Awami, and Waterfront blocks were part of this balloting, offering multiple investment opportunities.

The Blue World City management’s commitment to partiality and sustainability was evident throughout the event, highlighting the importance of such balloting events in the real estate world. Moreover, the presence of Shoaib Akhtar added to the grandeur of the occasion. Looking ahead, more phases of development are on its way, promising even more opportunities for investors and residents.

The Blue World City Islamabad app and website provide a convenient way to check balloting results, allowing participants to verify their plot allocations with ease. Overall, the Blue World City Balloting event has surely left an everlasting impact on Islamabad’s real estate market, shaping the future of this Blue World City’s project.

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