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This residential project “Blue World City” stands as a symbol of modern Pakistan. Blue World City is known to deliver high-quality and cost-effective housing for families as well as individuals. In this residential development, diverse options are available to cater for the needs and preferences of everybody. A housing society’s legal standing is a crucial aspect. Here are some exciting Blue World City NOC Status updates: Blue World City has been granted its formal No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Understanding the NOC

NOC stands for “No Objection Certificate”. In the world of real estate, this document holds paramount importance. It is a legal document that is issued by relevant development authorities in the case of Blue World City, Islamabad, the relevant authority is the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

What is a No Objection Certificate (NOC)?  

A housing scheme having this document signifies approval of the society or development. The NOC is like a seal of approval indicating that the society is legal, it completely follows the rules, and it is a good place to invest your money in.

Importance of NOC in real estate:

No Objection Certificate (NOC) is like a permission slip for real estate projects. It depicts that society follows all the laws and rules, thus making it legal, safe and secure. When you see a society with an NOC like Blue World City NOC approved housing development scheme, you can trust that the project is fine and in future, you won’t encounter any legal problems. NOCs also make sure of the fact that the surrounding environment is not in any way harmed by the project. So, obtaining an NOC is a very big deal in the real estate world.

The Journey of Blue World City

Seeking an NOC from RDA was a tiresome task. It involved obtaining permission from several departments and institutions which can be very time-consuming and burdensome. However, with the dedication and passion of Blue World City management, they have managed to achieve it. The journey of Blue World City NOC approval wasn’t an easy one.

Background and history of Blue World City

With the initial launch of the Blue World City project in 2017, the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) expressed concerns about the legal standing of the society. The management submitted all the required documents to the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to seek approval. They took the matter to the Lahore High Court as well, but due to certain setbacks, the process got delayed.

NOC-related developments

The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) is now in the process of approving the NOC for Blue World City’s vast 12,465 Kanal land making it “Blue World City NOC approved scheme” Meanwhile, the RDA is also actively handling the NOC for an additional 1,534 Kanal land. This journey underscores the persistence and determination of the management of Blue World City in providing people with a taste of affordable luxury life.

The good news for all the stakeholders is that the hard work of the Blue World City paid off. Blue World City is now a District Council-approved project. The government of Pakistan has given its decision. As of the Local Bodies Ordinance signed on 11th of December 2021 granted by the government of Punjab. District Council Rawalpindi is to issue an NOC of all the residential societies.

District Council issued Blue World City NOC update; letter no 532 10/D.C, dated 7th of August 2018. This has now gained finality after the issuance of Local Bodies Ordinance 2021.

Blue World City NOC Approved

Blue World City Islamabad recently scored a significant victory in the case against RDA, successfully securing a favourable verdict from the Rawalpindi Session Court. RDA has given them a green light. This huge triumph has increased Blue World Management’s confidence, and they are now planning for further expansion of the project’s land area.

Before this, the Blue World City housing society had successfully added nearly 10,000 kanals of land into its scheme. Blue World City is continuously growing and developing as is evident as additional machinery and resources are being added. These developments signify the project’s commitment to meeting the standards set by the Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Furthermore, the Rawalpindi Session Court’s decision in favour of the housing society confirms the legitimacy of the Blue World City NOC-approved project. As Blue World City Housing project is being developed with the partnership of Chinese companies. It is gaining recognition as a sign of Pak-China friendship and is set to become Islamabad’s first purpose-built dream tourism destination.

NOC Approval Meeting in Punjab House Islamabad

At the prestigious Punjab House Islamabad, after a lengthy closed-door meeting, with the topmost officials of the Punjab Government, on the prime subject of NOC expedited approvals under the fresh guidelines of the respectable Prime Minister of Pakistan – Mr. Imran Khan.

The Blue World City NOC-approved project

The Blue World City NOC-approved project has facilities that one can only dream of. It has a range of options that fit everybody’s needs and requirements. The Blue World City housing society provides security 24/7 ensuring the safety of inhabitants, medical centres, sports complexes, gymnasiums, mosques, parks, shopping malls and other exciting spots for recreational activities now to add icing to the cake Blue World City is NOC-approved.

RDA has issued Blue World City an NOC against vide letter # RDA/MP&TF/F PHS-PTR-10/148. The CEO of Blue World City, Chaudhry Naeem Ijaz has announced that with the support of the previous prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

“The construction of modern homes for 4000 struggling families have already begun”.

How NOC approval affects property value

With the issuance of NOC from RDA the property values within the society are greatly impacted. NOC issuance makes all the investments safe and secure. NOC approval significantly boosts buyer and investor confidence in the project’s legality. This increases demand for the land thereby increasing the prices. More authorities want to cooperate, invest and collaborate improving the financial situation overall. NOC approval has a cascading impact on the Blue World City’s values.

Benefits of NOC for Residents

Blue World City NOC approved housing scheme is currently the most flourishing developing project in the capital. It’s the golden opportunity for you to invest in and buy residential homes at affordable prices.

➥  Safety and Security

With the issuance of NOC from RDA. Blue World City is now safer than ever. This approval signifies the safety and security provided by the scheme to the inhabitants. Residents can relax and have full peace of mind that the scheme is designed with safety and security as topmost priorities.

➥  Quality assurance and amenities

The immense journey of Blue World City for NOC approval reflects the dedication of the management to provide to notch qualities and amenities to the investors. With the NOC in hand, residents can have confidence about the standard qualities provided by the society.

Expert Opinions

With the Blue World City NOC approved opinions of experts have started pouring in;

Saad Nazir’s Message for Investors

Son of Lahore’s former deputy commissioner; Saad nazir also a prominent name in real estate has recently talked about Blue World City NOC update. The Blue Group of Companie’s CEO has emphasized the importance of NOC approval by RDA and mentioned about jurisdiction of RDA over the NOC approval to Blue World City Islamabad.

Any fears and doubts about the legitimacy of the project have been clarified. As a result, Blue World City NOC-approved housing scheme is on its way of significant progress in the upcoming months. Now with the inauguration of new endeavours like the balloting of Blue World General, and the Overseas block Blue World City NOC-approved project is very close in fulfilling its goal of becoming a tourism-focused real estate project in Islamabad.

Future of The Blue World City NOC Approved Project

Blue World City NOC-approved housing project has a very bright future in the years to come. Investors are likely to gain maximum profit from the investments and prices and demands are very likely to increase. Demand of the plots will further increase spontaneously after the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road. Thus, in years to come, you’ll see Blue World City in one of the top housing schemes in Islamabad.

Anticipated developments post-NOC Acquisition

Map of the Blue World City shows that further expansions are to be expected soon. The aim is to develop exceptional tourism spots within the scheme in order to provide the taste of modern life build in accordance with international standards.

Blue World City Sports Valley NOC

Sports Valley Block is the new addition to the Blue World City NOC approved project. It is introduced after success of other blocks such as Overseas block and General block. The main aim of the project’s Sports Block is to promote physical activities and to increase tourism.


Blue World City’s journey to NOC approval is a clear trial to its commitment to build a legitimate, modern, and secure society, that meets the international standards. The victory in court and ongoing efforts depicts Blue World City management’s dedication to sticking to the highest standards. With the NOC in hand, residents can be fully confident in the society’s quality, standards and amenities.

Moreover, the expansion of the project and real estate tycoon’s reassuring message have solidified Blue World City NOC housing society’s standing as a genuine and exceptional real estate venture. As it moves closer to becoming Islamabad’s prime tourism-focused destination, Blue World City is not just a housing scheme; it’s a beacon of progress and promise in the real estate landscape of Islamabad. Invest with confidence, for the future of Blue World City is very bright and filled with opportunities.

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