Blue World City Islamabad Plot for Sale, A Quick Review

Blue World City Plot For Sale Blog

Are you on the hunt for the exceptional real estate opportunity in the center of Pakistan’s capital? Your quest comes to an end with a blog on ‘Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale’. It provides a comprehensive guide and details.

Blue World City’s prime location and facilities set it apart from other housing projects In Pakistan for the first time ever Blue Word City is introducing an international standard planned luxury lifestyle. Also, Blue World City Islamabad is providing investors and buyers with a range of plot options to choose from.

Moreover, Blue world city is offering modern living in the capital city at flexible and affordable installment options.

The scheme itself is vast spread over 1 lac kanals of land and further is being purchased, amazing additions like site seeing, theme parks, prime location, functionality and many other features truly sets Blue Word city apart.

So, it’s no wonder that with ever increasing advancements Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale has become a talk of town among real estate investors.

Blue World City Plots for Sale

The carefully strategic position of Blue World City in Islamabad within proximity to Islamabad International Airport and the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway(M2) makes it a prime choice of residential area in the capital.

Situated away from the noise and rush of the big city yet only on the 10-minute drive makes Blue World City Plots in Islamabad an ideal destination for living as well as for investment.

Diverse plot options:

The topmost ranking housing scheme in capital; Blue World City is providing range of opportunities in such a way that it caters to diverse audience;

Whether you’re an investor looking for promising returns, an average person looking for a place to call home, or someone aiming to elevate quality of their life, this development has something special to offer.

Within the dynamic environment of Blue World City, investors can find a suitable Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale, with a significant potential of profit and returns on investment. Furthermore, Blue World City’s prime location with ever adding facilities and the increasing demands of property in capital makes these plots a golden choice for investors seeking financial growth.

For simple folks, Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale provides a promising chance to elevate lifestyle and own a home in a well-planned, vibrant and secure area.

Furthermore, a diverse range of options with affordable prices when it comes to Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale, ensures that anyone from anywhere can find a plot that perfectly suits their budget and needs.

Moreover, for anyone who wishes to update their quality of life, this development offers a valuable chance.

At the core, Blue World City stands as an accessible and versatile opportunity for investors, homebuyers and individuals striving to enhance the overall quality of their life.

Categories of Blue World City Plots for Sale

Three main categories of blue world city plots are for sale are;

Residential plots:
Residential plots included 5,8 and 10 Marla plots as well as 1 and 2 kanal plots.

Commercial plots:
These commercial plots offer a golden opportunity for investors are 5 and 8 Marla plots.

Overseas plots:
These include 7,10, and 14 Marla plots as well and 1 and 2 kanal plots.

Blue World City Islamabad Plot for Sale

For the convenience of buyers, Blue World City is providing an installment plan spanning 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year. You’ll need a mere 10% down payment in order to secure a reservation and become a part of Islamabad’s most esteemed housing scheme.

On the other hand, the Blue World City society is sectioned into various blocks, such as General block, Executive Block, Overseas Block and Awami Residential Block. A range of plot sizes with various price ranges are available for both commercial and residential development.

Get details of each Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale as follows.

General Block Payment Plan:

5 Marla plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 99,000
Monthly Installment = PKR 10,901
Total Amount = PKR 1,090,000

8 Marla plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 126,500
Monthly Installments = 13,915
Total Amount = 1,391,500

10 Marla plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = 152,000
Monthly Installments = PKR 16,720
Total Amount = PKR 1,672,000

1 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 280,000
Monthly Installments = PKR 30,020
Total Amount = PKR 3,100,000

2 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 540,000
Monthly Installments = PKR 59,950
Total Amount = PKR 5,990,000

5 Marla Commercial plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 600,000
Monthly Installments = PKR 66,000
Total Amount = PKR 6,600,000

Overseas Block Payment Plan:

7 Marla plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 154,000
Monthly Installment = PKR 15,400
Total Amount = PKR 1,540,000

10 Marla plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 214,000
Monthly Installments = 21,450
Total Amount = 2,145,000

14 Marla plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 280,000
Monthly Installments = PKR 28,000
Total Amount = PKR 2,800,000

1 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 385,000
Monthly Installments = PKR 38,500
Total Amount = PKR 3,850,000

2 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City
Down Payment = PKR 616,000
Monthly Installments = PKR 61,600
Total Amount = PKR 6,160,000

Your Ticket to Prime Real Estate

In the heart of Pakistan’s capital one name regarding real estate has been making quite a stir for some time now ‘Blue World City Islamabad’ Apart from the diverse range of Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale range options to suit the needs of every individual.

Blue World City Plots includes a wide range of enticing features. This housing project is like no other housing projects in twin cities.

A Gateway to Affordable Luxury

Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale offer is so demanding because of the features from its modern residential and commercial complexes designed on international standard to its perfectly affordable pricing, all accompanied by state-of-the-art facilities.

Blue World City; A Smart Choice 

Blue World City is a society scheme that prioritizes the buyer above everything, Blue World City’s commitment to provide convenience and make the area perfect for residential and commercial use.

Diverse Housing Options

Blue World City offers a diverse range of housing options, catering to various needs, preferences and budgets. This inclusivity ensures that there’s a suitable home for homebuyers, investors and generally everyone, depicting it an alluring choice for potential buyers and residents.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Offerings

The project focuses on a holistic lifestyle, mixing residential, recreational, and commercial aspects. This extensive approach elevates the quality of life for residents, and investors hence promoting a sense of community.

A Glimpse of Facilities

Blue World City Islamabad goes beyond affordability. It is filled with state-of-the-art facilities that will make your experience worthwhile. So, if you’re looking for a Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale, this is definitely the right choice.

Quality Educational Institutions (Forces School & College Systems)

The presence of well reputable educational institutions within the society ensures that Blue World communities have convenient access to quality education both primary and higher. This feature is attractive to families with school-going children making sure that all needs are met within the Blue World City society.

Healthcare Facilities (Hospital)

Having a primary healthcare hospital within the society is a significant advantage, as it affirms easy and accessible medical care services for residents. It ensures a safe and healthy living environment.

Luxury Accommodation

The availability of different hotels adds an element of luxury and refinement to the community. It’s a major convenience for inhabitants and an asset for hosting a variety of events.

Fitness Center (Gym)

A well-equipped gymnasium promotes a healthy lifestyle It encourages well-being and contributes to a happy and an active community.

Entertainment (Blue World Cineplex)

The presence of various entertainment centers like Blue World Cineplex offers opportunities for families and individuals to enjoy activities and unwind.

Security Facilities (Security Room)

Security is a top priority of the Blue World City, and having a specific security room ensures the safety, security and peace of mind of all residents as well as adds to the credibility of the society.

Business Hub (BWTC – Blue World Trade Center)

The introduction of a business hub creates multiple employment opportunities and promotes economic growth within the Blue World City. It’s a very smart choice for those opting to work near to home. Therefore, the plot for sale in Blue World City Islamabad is an attractive package for residents as well.

Religious Center (Blue Mosque)

A mosque within Blue World City provides a place for residents to worship and strengthen a sense of spirituality.

Recreational Water Park (Water Theme Park)

The water theme park in the Blue World City is a family-friendly attraction that provides endless fun, making it a perfect choice for families.

Nighttime Wildlife Experience (Night Safari & Zoo)

The safari and zoo provide a special and exciting experience in the Blue World City, this is especially important for wildlife enthusiasts.

Corporate Headquarters (Corporate Office)

In Blue World City Islamabad, the presence of corporate offices ensures multiple job opportunities and highlights the economic foundation of the community.

Mascot Horse Attractions (Horse Mascots)

Different attractions in Blue World City Islamabad like Mascot horse add beauty and character, forming a distinctive and welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, people who visit Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale, are verily amazed by this mascot.

Cultural Gathering Place (Rumi’s Square)

Rumi’s Square serves as a cultural gathering place in the Blue World City Islamabad, providing a sense of belonging and unity among inhabitants.

These well-planned range of amenities make Blue World City a well-rounded and a smart choice for people who are seeking a modern, balanced and enriched lifestyle within a safe and secure community.

Coveted in Islamabad’s Real Estate Landscape

Blue World City is more than just a housing project; it’s an easy doorway to affordable luxury, a center of modern amenities, and a promising opportunity in Islamabad’s real estate landscape. With the introduction of balloted plots, investors and homebuyers are in for a treat. 

So, now is the golden opportunity for investors and a dream come true for those seeking a modern, affordable living experience based on international standards.

Therefore, Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale isn’t merely another opportunity; it’s a coveted gem in real estate packages. 

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