Overseas Block Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad stands as the first-ever purpose-built housing society in Pakistan. With the most modern and up-to-date facilities, Blue World City Islamabad does not lag behind any American or European living styles. Similarly, the Overseas Block of Blue World City offers top-notch amenities, specifically catering to Pakistanis living abroad.

The purpose of dedicating a separate block for overseas Pakistanis is to facilitate them in having a home when they plan to return to their homeland. Expats earn money with unparalleled hardships and dedication. The overseas block serves as a secure investment within their homeland, essentially acting as insurance for their retirement life.

The developer and owner have paid special attention to making the overseas block stand out. They seem to have succeeded in their mission to provide expat Pakistanis with better investment opportunities. The overwhelming response from overseas Pakistanis was unexpected. Remarkably, they showed great trust in this project.

If you are living abroad and thinking of investing in a housing society, there is no better option than the overseas block of Blue World City Islamabad. Various plot sizes, flexible installment plans and minimum down payment are salient features of this block. Let’s discover further details below!

Overseas Block Location and Map

First of all, we should know about the exact location of the overseas block. In fact, the location of a property defines its worth. So, it is always better to know about the accurate location before investing.

As the Blue World City Islamabad is situated near Chakri Toll Plaza, which connects it with the Lahore – Islamabad M2 Motorway, the overseas block is also having the same benefit. Moreover, the Blue World City is close to several important landmarks, like NUST, Quaid e Azam University, N-5 National Highway, CMH (Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi) and Rawalpindi city itself. So, the overseas block, being the part of Blue World City, has close proximity to these places.

On the other hand, when we see the location of the overseas block within the Blue World City, it is located in the heart of housing society. Amazingly, the overseas block is built in Sunset avenue which is in the center of housing society. Moreover, the overseas block is just a few minutes away from the most modern housing society Bahria Town Phase VII. DHA Phase 1 and 2 of Islamabad are also very close to this block.


  • DHA Phase II – 8 minutes away (4 Km)
  • Bharia Town Phase VII – 10 minutes away (5.6 Km)
  • Rawalpindi City – 39 minutes away (15 Km)
  • Islamabad International Airport – 1 hour 4 minutes away (40.8 Km)
  • Islamabad City – 50 minutes (33.7 Km)
  • Riphah International University Islamabad – 36 minutes away (18.9 Km)
  • CMH (Combined Military Hospital) Rawalpindi – 27 minutes away (11.9 Km)
  • Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, Interchange – 1 hour 17 minutes away (70 Km)

Master Plan of Overseas Block

The Overseas block of the Blue World City Islamabad has a well-planned master plan that is not inferior to any modern housing society in America or Europe. The developer (BGC) has designed its master plan in such a way that the complete block is divided into several sectors. Almost 14 sectors, which are termed as districts, are there within the Overseas Block.

Each district has separate parks, mosques, playgrounds, schools, boulevards, carpeted roads, community centers, and health centers. Moreover, these districts are managed and organized separately. Each district has a distinctive boundary and infrastructure.
Below you can find maps of districts of Overseas Block on Blue World City.


Plots Sizes in Overseas Block

After knowing about the location and map of a housing project, investors want to know about the available sizes of the plots in that project. This makes them reach a final selection easily. Therefore, it is essential to mention plot sizes in the overseas block here.

The developer has divided the land into several plot sizes. So that people can decide on their budget easily. Therefore, you can invest in the overseas block as per your budget and needs. For example, if you are looking for an affordable plot, there are smaller plots. On the other hand, residents looking for larger plots for their big families to accommodate, there are larger plots.

Generally, the following plot sizes are available in the overseas block;

Residential Plots
07 Marla

  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 01 Kanal
  • 02 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 05 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Payment Plans and Prices

Next thing to know about the overseas block is cost of investment. So, it is better to know about the prices and payment plan or installment plans of the various plots.The Overseas Block offers really affordable prices and payment plans for residential as well as commercial plots. On the other hand, a nominal down payment is required to acquire a file or plot in this block.

It is important to know that the booking is currently closed as all plots are sold in this block. However, files are available in the market for resale. So, you can get a file from the reseller at a mutually decided price. All residential and commercial plots are sold.

On the other hand, the developer and management of the Blue World City has planned Phase 2 of the Overseas Block. In this newly launched phase, plots will be available. However, prices can be higher. If you want to know details of the Overseas Block Phase 2, click here. 

07 Marla Plot Price and Payment Plan

Overseas Block offers a variety of plot sizes for the ease of expat Pakistanis. 07 Marla plot size is one of various plot sizes available in the Overseas Block. It is the smallest size of plot offered by Overseas Block in the Blue World City Islamabad. This is ideal for the investors who have a small budget and meagre amount to pay as down payment.

You can avail 07 marla plot at down payment of PKR 154,000/-. This is a one time payment. After confirmation you’ll have to pay PKR 77,000/- which is also a one-time payment. The monthly instalment is PKR 15,400/-.

Moreover, a payment of PKR 77,000/- will be charged after half a year (6 months). This payment will be twice a year. In this way, the total cost of the plot will be a sum of all these amounts. The total cost of the 07 marla plot is PKR 1,540,000/-

10 Marla Plot Price and Payment Plan

10 Marla Plot Price and Payment Plan

Another medium size plot available in Overseas Block is 10 Marla plot. This plot is ideal for those who have a comparatively larger family. If you have a family of around 5-8 members, this is a good choice to go.

A 10 marla plot costs around PKR 2,145,000/- in total. Break down of this total cost is; a 10% down payment (PKR 214,500/-), confirmation fee of PKR 107, 250/- and 8 half yearly installments of PKR 107,250/-. On the other hand, you’ll have to pay a monthly installment of PKR 21,450/-

At Luxurious Marketing we recommend acquiring a 10 marla plot only if you have a large family or you want to have some extra space in your home. Or get a plot of 10 marla if you are looking for a profitable investment in real estate. Because a medium size plot sells quickly with considerable ROI (Return on Investment).

01 Kanal Plot Price and Payment Plan

Residents who are seeking an extra spacious space for their luxury home should get 01 Kanal plot in Overseas Block. You can build a lavish home on such a wide space. Moreover, you can accommodate several family members at the same time. Or this is ideal for the investors who are looking for a huge and fixed investment.

You can book a 01 Kanal plot by paying 10% down payment of the total cost of the plot. The down payment amounts to PKR 385,000/-. A confirmation fee of PKR 152,000/- is supposed to be paid upon booking confirmation. Moreover, an 8 half yearly fee of PKR 192,500/- is charged every 6 months. While the monthly instalment is PKR 38,500/-. 01 Kanal plot’s total cost is PKR 3,850,000/-

02 Kanal Plot Price and Payment Plan

This is the largest plot size available for residential purposes in the Overseas Block of the Blue World City Islamabad. 02 Kanal plot is ideal for extra lavish living style. Overseas who want to enjoy a luxurious living space should invest in this category.

This plot costs a total amount of PKR 6,160,000/-. The breakdown of this amount includes a total 10% down payment of PKR 616,000/- a confirmation fee of PKR 308,000/- and 8 half yearly payments of the same amount. Moreover, monthly installment is PKR 61,600/-

Owing to its larger size and big amount as monthly installment or down payment, it is the best option for investors and larger families. Therefore, we at Luxurious Marketing recommend this plot size only if you are looking to invest for a longer period.

Overseas Block Facilities and Amenities

Being a world class housing society, its Overseas Block has the same facilities and amenities as a housing society holds in a modern country. As the block is particularly dedicated to the expat Pakistanis, facilities are also updated and modern. So that the overseas can enjoy the same luxury as they have abroad.

Moreover, the block features several state-of-the-art qualities. So, there is everything for everyone. Whether you are a business person, a job holder, a housewife, a child or an older person in your home, you’ll have something dedicated to your category.

In a nutshell, you can have a modern infrastructure, facilities, and ambiance in Pakistan too. This is the best place to live and thrive after returning from modern countries. Following facilities are available in the Overseas Block of Blue World City Islamabad.

24/7 Security and Surveillance

First and the foremost concern in Pakistan is about security. A safe place to live and thrive is no less than a blessing here. So, people, whether local or expats, prefer to choose as safe an area as possible to build their home. This not only makes their investment secure but ensures their family to have freedom of movement and spend life as per they want.

Therefore, the developer of the Blue World City Islamabad has mainly focused on this aspect. The Overseas Block of Blue World City, like all other blocks, is as safe as any living area in a developed country. So, overseas Pakistanis can find this block ideal to live in.

24/7 security guards and surveillance is in place. There are several patrolling squads to cope with any emergency situation in the block. Moreover, there is a strict security check on the main gate. For example, only vehicles with E-Tag are allowed to enter freely. Additionally, a fool proof security check via CCTV cameras is imposed.

Wide Carpeted Roads

Ease of commuting in society makes it ideal for the residents. On the other hand, a complex and narrow road infrastructure makes the residents frustrated. Moreover, as the Overseas Block is dedicated to the expats it is crucial to provide them with a world-class infrastructure.

Every district of the Overseas Block has a simple network of wide carpeted roads. Roads are built strategically and connect every house and place feasibly. Moreover, there are green belts and dividers on each road. These make roads look good, and easy to drive and commute.

Owing to the perfect road infrastructure, Overseas Block is just a perfect vicinity for the expats to live and thrive. Therefore, Luxurious Marketing recommends overseas Pakistanis to invest in this block. Our real estate representatives are here to help you out in any regard.

Parks and Playgrounds

Serenity and the lush green ambiance are one of several factors that make the Overseas Block of Blue World City Islamabad ideal place to live. With the changing climate and increasing global warming it is very important to focus on planting. It is vital to have some plants near your residences. It makes air clean to breathe.

On the other hand, a nearby playground or park keeps residents healthy and active. As the lifestyle of humans living in urban areas is inclined toward physical inactivity for hours, it is crucial to have a park closer to the residence. A park or playground in the neighbourhood helps to urge people to take part in physical activities.

Keeping this aspect in view, the developer of the Blue World City has ensured presence of parks and playgrounds in each district of the Overseas Block. For example, each district has 3-4 parks and playgrounds.

Mosques and Community Centers

A Muslim community is very concerned about religious customs and traditions. Particularly, the community living in Pakistan is much concerned for the places to worship God. This is because Muslims have to offer prayers five times a day. Additionally, they have a major gathering for Friday prayer. So, it is crucial for developers to keep this aspect in mind while planning a housing project.

The Overseas Block of Blue World City Islamabad has several small mosques for each sector. Moreover, there are grand mosques for Friday prayer. Besides mosques, there are community centres that also act as spiritual and social centers.

Additionally, there is a grand mosque in the Blue World City which is a replica of Turkey’s Blue Mosque. Blue Mosque of Blue World City Islamabad is built over 104 Kanal. This Mosque has an indoor capacity of 15,000 worshipers to accommodate.

Health Centers

Health is the most basic necessity of human beings. Providing health facilities is provision of the Government of the country or the housing project’s developer or owner. Pakistan has a compromised health system. At times, there are no satisfactory health amenities by the Government. That’s why the people of Pakistan do not rely on the Government’s health system. Overseas Pakistanis are comparatively more conscious about this fact.

Keeping this aspect in view, the developer and the owner of the Blue World City has decided to provide state-of-the-art health centers to the residents of the Overseas Block. So, there is a central hospital. Additionally, there are clinics at quick access for immediate first aid or reliefs. Quick accessibility to health amenities make the Overseas Block once again favorite to the expats.

Gym and Sports Arena

A sound body has a sound mind. We’ve listened to this quote several times. This is a universal truth. Particularly, it is crucial in the modern times as the lifestyle of human beings has excluded physical activity altogether. So, necessity is the mother of invention. Developers and housing society owners have felt the need of the hour.

The developer of the Overseas Block of Blue World City Islamabad has planned a dedicated gym for men and women in each sector. These gyms have state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and trainers. The infrastructure of the gym buildings and facilities is inspired by the Western and American styles. So, these are no less than any modern housing society in the world.

Additionally, for the sake of outdoor games, there are sports arenas. These arenas serve the purpose of a participatory and inclusive community. Residents of the Overseas Block can access their nearest sports areas and play games.

Educational Institutes

Education is a basic right of everyone. It is too important for parents to have a reliable and good enough school or college near their homes. This helps them a lot. A nearby educational institute not only reduces the commuting time but lessens the costs of pick and drop of kids as well.

This is the reason there are more than one school for younger kids and a secondary school located at the centre of the Overseas Block. Owing to the locations of these schools, all residents are at ease. They feel secure about their kids as well.

On the other hand, higher educational institutes are not far from the Overseas Block of Blue World City Islamabad. For instance, HEC accredited universities like Riphah International University, Quaid e Azam University, NUST and International Islamic University are a few Kilometers away. It takes around 40 minutes to access all these universities from the Overseas Block.

Water, Gas and Electricity

Basic necessities are essential for the residents. These necessities include a well-planned infrastructure, water supply, gas and electricity. These are a must-have for a housing society. Whenever an investor invests or a resident acquires land for a home, they focus on these things first-hand. Therefore, these necessities should be the first priority of the housing project developer.

The Overseas Block of the Blue World City Islamabad has an underground electricity system. They offer an uninterrupted supply of electricity. There is a WAPDA electricity supply and in case of load shedding, there are electricity generators that are stand-by.

Additionally, gas and water supply facilities are also state-of-the-art. There is ensured supply of gas even in winter days. And treated water is supplied into homes directly.

Why Invest In Overseas Block Blue World City?

It is advised you thoroughly go through each section of this content if you are planning to invest in the Overseas Block of Blue World City Islamabad. You must be clear about the location, master plan, payment plans, and file verification processes.
At Luxurious Marketing, we suggest you invest in the Overseas Block of the Blue World City owing to its reputation in the market. There are several reasons to invest here.

A few are as follows:

  • 24/7 Security and CCTV Cameras
  • Famous Schools and Colleges
  • Nearby Shopping Centers
  • Parks and Sports Arenas
  • World’s First Tourism-Based Housing Society
  • Replicas of the World’s Famous Monuments
  • Highest ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Vast Variety of Plots Sizes
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Minimum Possible Down Payments
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Close to the Main Cities of Pakistan
  • Close to Islamabad International Airport
  • Reputable Housing Society
  • Rapidly Growing Area
  • NOC Approved Society
  • Nearby Top Higher Educational Institutes
  • Top-notch Health Facilities
  • Civilized Community
  • 95% Capital Gain in Next 03 Years

Status and Latest Updates For Overseas Block

Overseas Block has been a hype among investors. So, being a reputable block of the Blue World City Islamabad, all files and plots are booked. Now, investors can only buy files from the resellers. Therefore, the rates also vary as per the demand of the reseller.

Development work is in progress and the infrastructure is being built rapidly. For instance, roads and electricity as well as sewerage systems are in place for most of the part. Moreover, parks and playgrounds are also built.

Additionally, the developer of the Blue World City Islamabad has initiated booking for the Overseas Block Phase II recently. This is a golden opportunity for the investors who are looking for higher ROI and immediate profits.


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