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Are you looking for a foremost location to build your ideal house or to make an investment? Blue World City Islamabad’s location is the best bet to go! This new mega-housing society, which is situated in the countryside of Islamabad, Pakistan, stands apart from the competition because of its wonderful location.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the characteristics of Blue World City Islamabad’s location. This housing scheme provides panoramic views of lush green mountains and a calm setting that is perfect for a peaceful and healthy existence.

It is located close to the magnificent Margalla Hills National Park. But there’s more! The location of Blue World City Islamabad is also quite advantageous for both residents and investors. The society is close to the CPEC route, which connects Gwadar Port in Balochistan with China’s northwest area and it is a significant economic corridor.

So, Blue World City Islamabad is a centre of economic and commercial activity because of its strategic position, which offers tremendous potential for expansion and investment possibilities. The society is also conveniently accessible from all areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi because of the twin cities’ web of highways and motorways and Blue World City’s prime location.

Islamabad International Airport is Just Next to the Blue World City

Both residents and investors benefit greatly from Blue World City’s valuable location close to the Islamabad International Airport. Due to its handy location close to Blue World City, the airport is easily reachable within a short driving distance. So, the closeness to Islamabad International Airport provides ease for frequent travellers. For people who travel regularly for work or pleasure, this can be extremely useful. Additionally, the proximity to the international airport creates the potential for the region’s economy to expand and thrive. Hotels, restaurants, cargo and transportation services, and other aviation-related enterprises can all draw investment.

CPEC Route and Blue World City’s Location

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) passes near the Blue World City Islamabad. The CPEC is a multi-billion-dollar initiative that aims to link the Gwadar Port in southwest Pakistan along with northwest China while fostering new trade and economic prospects. The CPEC road passes through Blue World City Islamabad, which can be advantageous for both inhabitants and investors.

First, this project has access to prospective economic prospects because of its close proximity to the CPEC route. It is anticipated that as the CPEC project develops, it would increase economic activity in the area and draw in investment and business.

Due to its location along the CPEC route, this biggest housing scheme in Islamabad can be an advantageous place for enterprises to establish operations, providing citizens and investors with employment chances and possibilities for economic growth.

Second, access to potential investment opportunities may be made possible by Blue World City Islamabad’s location along the CPEC route. The region’s need for infrastructure and real estate developments is anticipated to rise as a result of the development and expansion of the CPEC route.

Therefore, as the area develops and is connected to the CPEC route, investments in Blue World City Islamabad may offer chances for capital growth and rental income.

Prime Location Adjacent to Islamabad and Rawalpindi

One of Blue World City’s main benefits is that it is near to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad cities. Residents of its society can easily access all the services and opportunities that the capital city provides, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, recreational places, and more, as they are available within walking distance from the city centre.

Aside from that, residing in Blue World City gives residents quick access to various job options, enterprises, and economic activity in Rawalpindi, which is an imperative commercial hub in the area. This can be proved beneficial for those who want to pursue their career and wish to live near their places of employment in order to avoid long commutes and save time and energy.


Scenic Beauty And Natural Surroundings

The gorgeous location of Blue World City Islamabad is surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush vegetation. The project is situated in the Margalla Hills National Park, a reserve renowned for its spectacular scenery, diverse fauna, and natural beauty.

With its thick woods, rocky cliffs, and breathtaking views, Margalla Hills National Park is a veritable treasure trove of natural delights. Various plant and animal species, including uncommon birds, animals, and plants, may be found in the park. Residents of Blue World City Islamabad have the exceptional chance to live near this natural refuge, allowing them to immerse themselves in a serene and tranquil setting away from the noise and bustle of the urban areas.

It’s the ideal spot to unwind and recover after a long day because of the lush vegetation, fresh air, and stunning vistas. Residents of Blue World City Islamabad may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and animal viewing because of its close proximity to the Margalla Hills National Park. The park provides a wealth of leisure options, such as picnic sites, nature paths, and animal-watching locations, enabling locals to get outdoors and lead active lifestyles.

Amenities And Facilities

To make life at Blue World City Islamabad convenient & comfortable, a variety of amenities & services are available. The following are some of the main services provided by Blue World City Islamabad:

Parks & Recreational Places

Blue World City features a variety of parks and recreational places on its property that provide inhabitants chances for outdoor activities, and relaxation. to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, these green spaces provide locals with a tranquil setting where they may take walks, enjoy the outdoors, or participate in other leisure activities.

Healthcare Facilities

To meet the inhabitants’ medical requirements, the project contains cutting-edge healthcare facilities. This comprises facilities like clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies that are manned by licensed medical personnel to give locals access to high-quality healthcare.

Educational Institutions

In order to suit the inhabitants’ educational needs, this housing society provides a variety of educational institutions, including schools and colleges. These educational institutions work to foster learning and development among locals of all ages while offering high-quality instruction.

Commercial Areas

Blue World City Islamabad features well-planned commercial areas that offer a variety of shops, markets, and commercial spaces. Residents can conveniently access these commercial areas for their day-to-day needs, making it a self-sufficient community where all basic amenities are within easy reach.

Proximity to Amenities

One of the advantages of the location of Blue World City Islamabad is close to amenities and facilities. Being located in a well-connected locality, residents can enjoy the convenience of schools, hospitals, commercial areas, and entertainment venues just a short distance from their homes. This adds to the comfort and ease of living in the community.


The Blue World City Islamabad enjoy the scenic Margalla Hills National Park’s gorgeous location, which offers them rich foliage, natural beauty, and a tranquil environment. Living in this nature-inspired neighbourhood is convenient and comfortable because of its close proximity to services including parks, hospitals, schools, and business districts.

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