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When someone wants to invest in a housing society, where it is and how it looks on a map are really important. The location of a housing society affects how much the project is worth. On the other hand, Google Map shows what the project will have and how close it is to important places.

That’s why the founder and developer of BWC Islamabad took their time to pick the perfect spot and create a top-notch map. The founder selected a location just right. And the developer made a really great map to help people get around Blue World City Islamabad with ease.
Now let’s look closely at Blue World City Location and Google Map.

Location of BWC Islamabad on Google Map

Before you decide to invest in Blue World City Islamabad, it’s really important to know exactly where it is. Knowing the location will give you more confidence when you’re ready to make an investment.

Because it’s a well-known housing area, both local people and real estate agents are familiar with it. So, you can easily find and go to Blue World City Islamabad.

But if you want to know about its location before the site visit, we’ve made a summary of distances and directions from different essential places. This will be really helpful for you.

Distance and Direction from Lahore - Islamabad Motorway (Chakri Interchange M2 Toll Plaza)

First of all, here goes the distance and direction of Blue World City Islamabad from Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M2).
In fact, Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M2) is one of the most important motorways in Pakistan. It connects two very important cities; Lahore and Islamabad.

The driving distance from Lahore to Islamabad is 380 Km via this motorway. It takes 03 hours and 20 minutes to reach Lahore from Islamabad.

Moreover, according to the National Transport Research Center, more than 200,000 vehicles travel on M2 Motorway in 24 hours. Therefore, this is a major lifeline in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

On the other hand, BWC (Blue World City) Islamabad connects with the M2 Motorway via Chakri Interchange. And this interchange is just 13 minutes (10.1Km) away from the BWC Islamabad. Therefore, the residents of Blue World City have quick access to one of the most important motorways in the country. Below is the Google Map of route. The direction of Blue World City from the Chakri Interchange is eastwards.

Distance and Direction from Islamabad International Airport

Islamabad International Airport is one of the most important airports in Pakistan. Being in the Capital city of Pakistan, this airport is used by most foreigners and the Pakistani elite class. Inaugurated on 20 April, 2018, Islamabad International Airport is situated on southwestwest of Islamabad. Currently capable of handling 9 millions of passengers and ten metric ton cargo per annum, this is expected to enhance its capacity up to 25 millions by 2024.

BWC Islamabad is just 41 minutes (48 Km) away from the Islamabad International Airport. On the other hand, the direction of Blue World City from Islamabad International Airport is roughly southeast. This means, frequent travelers can benefit from quick access to the airport while living in BWC Islamabad. So, close proximity to the airport makes BWC an ideal place for overseas Pakistanis.

Below is the distance and direction on Google Map of Blue World City from Islamabad International Airport.

Distance and Direction from Islamabad

Islamabad is the most important city of Pakistan because of being Capital City. Almost all embassies, consulates and corporate offices are situated in Islamabad. Its location is Northern latitudes 33o 49′ and longitudes 72o 24′ east of Greenwich. The area of Islamabad is 906.50 square kilometers. Islamabad has grown up as a large corporate city attracting highly skilled workers as well. Moreover, it is a stopping point for the tourists.

So, a housing society close to such a diverse metropolis and diplomatic city will have positive effects on the residents. .All facilities are immediately available. Country’s famous and large hospitals, educational institutes, corporate offices, brands, and shopping malls are there. Therefore, having a home in BWC Islamabad is an immediate profit.

Amazingly, Islamabad is just 52 minutes (66.4 Km) away from BWC Islamabad. It is situated to the southeast of Islamabad. So, availing world class facilities is just a few minutes away from BWC.

Distance and Direction from Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is the 4th most populous city of Pakistan. It is just next to the Capital City Islamabad. In fact, Rawalpindi and Islamabad are often termed as Twin Cities because of close proximity. Its area is around 479 Square Km and its population is 2.098, 231.

Moreover, there are several military and armed forces like Airforce and Navy offices in this city. Besides these offices, Rawalpindi has a unique culture and a blend of corporate as well as traditional epitome. The city has a number of world class educational institutes, health facilities, shopping malls and large bazars.

Amazingly, this city is just 39 minutes (29.4 Km) away from BWC Islamabad. Furthermore, the general direction of Blue World City from Rawalpindi is northeast. In fact, the Blue World City is situated in Rawalpindi district and is approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

Below you can find the distance and direction of Blue World City from Rawalpindi.

Distance and Direction from N-5 National Highway

N-5 is the longest national highway in Pakistan starting from Karachi and ending at Torkham Border. Its total length is 1857 Km. Out of total length, 1021 Km in Punjab, 671 Km in Sindh and 165 Km are in KPK. So, this highway connects three provinces of Pakistan. It connects some of the biggest and famous cities in Pakistan like Karachi, Sukkar, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan, Lahore, Gujranwala, Jhelum, Islamabad, Taxila, Peshawar and Torkham.

Owing to the importance and vast connectivity of this route, it is a plus point for BWC Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad is just 53 minutes (35.5 Km) away from the N-5 National Highway. BWC Islamabad connects with N-5 via Chakri Road near Adiala Road Stop.

Therefore, the residents of the BWC Islamabad have quick access to the N-5. This means they can travel to the other major cities within the minimum possible time. It makes the BWC an ideal place to live for those who have to travel frequently within the country.

Distance and Direction from N-80 Fateh Jang

N-80 is another important highway connecting Punjab with KPK via Islamabad Capital Territory. Its total length is 170 Km and a major part lies in the province of Punjab. This highway helps travellers to commute between two provinces easily and fastly.

Blue World City residents can benefit from this highway if they have to travel between KPK and Punjab. Several people do trade between these two provinces. N-80 Fateh Jang is just 50 minutes (52.4 Km) away from the location of Blue World City Islamabad.

You can get a visual depiction of the route and distance of N-80 Fateh Jang from Blue World City in the picture below:

Distance and Direction from Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City is a premium housing society located near Chakri Interchange in the district of Rawalpindi. This NOC-approved housing society is founded by renowned scholars, entrepreneurs and leaders backed by the Madina-tul-Ilm organization.

This housing society spans an area of 7000 Kanals. It also has worldworld-classities for its residents including a grand mosque, Qurtaba National University, parks, community center and finance center treading such a grandeur society in the neighborhood is a plus point for residents of the BWC Islamabad. Qurtaba City is just 21 minutes (14.5 Km) away from Blue World City. It connects with the BWC via Chakri Road and Syed Abul A’la Maududi Ave.

Distance and Direction from Riphah International University, Islamabad

Riphah International University was chartered by the Federal Government of Pakistan in 2002. With 8 campuses in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Faisalabad, RIU has a core mission to promote Islamic values and ethical norms. It is managed under a non-profit trust Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT) which has two overseas institutes as well. It is ranked among top 5 private universities in Pakistan by HEC.

Owing to such an amazing track and credits, RIU is best for higher studies. BWC is close to it. So, the residents of the BWC can get their young generation to graduate from this prestigious university without bearing the expenses of hostels. Riphah International University is 1 hour (51.8 Km) away from the BWC Islamabad via Chakri Road.

Distance and Direction from DHA Phase 1, Islamabad

DHA Pakistan is the first largest gated housing community in Pakistan. It is organized by the defense ministry and the defense minister acts as the chairman of DHAs across all Pakistan. Primarily founded in 1970 for Army Personals, it was constitutionalized in 2002 and opened now for civilians as well.

DHA has a lavish and world class lifestyle, top-notch facilities and an established reputation across the country. So, living in the neighborhood of such a prestigious housing society is beneficial in several senses.

DHA phase 1 is just 1 hour (41.1 Km) away from the BWC Islamabad. This makes the location of Blue World City Islamabad even more worth living. Roughly the direction of Blue World City from DHA Phase 1 Islamabad is west/southwest.

Distance and Direction from Bahria Town Phase 4, Rawalpindi

It is the largest privately owned housing and real estate development company in Pakistan. Its largest projects like Bahria Town Islamabad and Bahria Town Karachi spans over 16,000 hectares (40,000 Acres). Overall, entire housing societies of Bahria Town in Pakistan are capable of accommodating more than 1 million residents. Besides housing projects, Bahria Town company has built Pakistan’s tallest building Bahria Icon Tower in Karachi, World’s 7th largest mosque (Grand Jamia Mosque) in Lahore, Lahore Mall, etc.

Therefore, Bahria Town is one of the most prestigious real estate projects in Pakistan. And having it in the neighborhood is beneficial in various ways. It takes 1 hour and 7 minutes from Bahria Town Phase 4 Islamabad to access Blue World City. Moreover, Bahria Town is just 44.9 Km away from BWC Islamabad. Generally, the BWC is roughly northwest from Bahria Town Phase 4 Islamabad.

Distance and Direction from Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi

Though the BWC Islamabad has top-notch health facilities within its territory yet a full-service hospital should be nearby. While selecting the location of Blue World City, the developer kept this aspect in mind as well. Combined Military Hospitals (CMHs) are state-of-the-art hospitals managed by the Pakistan Army. They have the best doctors, equipment, and practices.

Blue World City Islamabad is just 48 minutes away from the nearest (CMH) Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi. It is 33.8 Km away via Chakri Road. So, God forbid, in case of any medical emergency, residents of the Blue World City can get quick access to the nearest CMH in a matter of minutes.

Distance and Direction from Bahria International Hospital

 Another world class health facility is located nearby the BWC Islamabad. Bahria International Hospital is a project of Bahria Town – a well known real estate company in Pakistan. This hospital has top-notch staff, equipment, and updated medical practices.

Residents of the Blue World City can access the Bahria International Hospital via various routes like Chakri Road, Adiala Road, GT Road, N-5 National Highway, etc. It is around 1 hour and 16 minutes away via all routes. The distance is around 50 Km and the direction of BWC from Bahria International Hospital is almost northwest.

Distance and Direction from International Islamic University

Access to a public sector higher education institute is a blessing for nearby residents. For, the younger residents can have easy and quick access. International Islamic University Islamabad is a public sector research-oriented university in Islamabad. It is regularly designated as the most prestigious research and degree awarding institute by HEC.

IIUI has two campuses in Islamabad. The Old Campus is adjacent to the Faisal Mosque and the New Campus is in Sector H-10. 28,000-30,000 students are enrolled out of which 400-500 students are PhD scholars. IIUI has various departments ranging from social sciences to engineering and medical sciences.

International Islamic University is just 55 minutes (64 Km) away from the Blue World City via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. So, the residents can access a world class education within a matter of minutes.

Distance and Direction from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad

There is another prestigious public sector university located near the Blue World City Islamabad. Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad is one of the most modern and prestigious higher education institutes in Pakistan. 13,000+ students are enrolled out of which 3000+ are PhD scholars. It spans an area of 1700 Acres. Times Higher Education (THE) ranked QAU between 401-500 globally and top 75 in Asia in its 2020 list.

Blue World City Islamabad is 1 hour 17 minutes (79.9 Km) away from the Quaid-e-Azam University. So, the residents of BWC Islamabad have another top public sector university nearby. From Quaid-e-Azam University, Blue World City is in the direction of west/southwest.

Distance and Direction from National University of Science and Technology

Founded in 1990, NUST adopted american universities teaching model stressed on laboratory instructions. It was founded to meet the need for industrial and technical skills in Pakistan. It is the number 1 ranked university according to the QS ranking 2021. Moreover, it was ranked among top 300 universities for electrical engineering globally. 7000+ students are enrolled including 102 international students. It has several campuses and associated colleges across the country.

Blue World City Islamabad is 54 minutes (64 Km) away from the NUST campus in H-12 Sector of Islamabad. From NUST, BWC Islamabad is somewhat in the direction of northwest.

Distance and Direction from University Town

University Town is an RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) approved housing society. This is situated on the Kashmir Highway. Compared to its competitors, University Town offers very reasonable prices and easy installment plans. That’s why it is very popular among the people of nearby areas and investors.

Total area of the housing society is around 4500 Kanal. Owing to the lush green scenes and serene environment some of the real estate agents term it as a competitor of Capital Smart City. There are world class living facilities and amenities within this society. 24/7 security, CCTV cameras, carpeted roads, health and sports facilities and community centers are some salient features of University Town.

Blue World City Islamabad is 50 minutes away from the University Town. Distance from the University Town is 36.1 Km via the road of Al Haram City. So, having a prestigious housing society in the neighborhood is a plus for residents of the BWC Islamabad.

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