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In Pakistan, there’s a growing trend towards vertical and sky-rise buildings. This is also a crucial need at the moment. If you’re searching for the best location apartments in Islamabad, you’re in the right spot. In this blog, we’ve done some research and narrowed down some suitable options for you. All the apartments we’ve selected are located in prime areas. However, each of these apartments has its own distinct features that set them apart from one another.

For instance, the Bahria Enclave is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. But Askari Heights 3, affiliated with the military, prioritizes security and modern living. Downtown Park View City Islamabad stands out as a lively urban heaven with contemporary amenities, featuring the first-ever lake-facing apartments in Islamabad. Meanwhile, The Eighteen Heights, with a golf course, offers a luxurious lifestyle.

Similarly, Zarkon Heights offers a prime location with upscale features. One Piccadilly, situated in Gulberg Greens, stands out with its exclusive design. Executive Heights aims for innovation and warmth in G-11/3. The Arch, located at Plot 12, Sector G-11/3, promises sophistication and convenience. Pine Heights, in D-17, boasts affordability with a prime location.

Team Luxurious Marketing has analyzed factors like access to healthcare, education, entertainment spots, shopping malls, airports & local transportation. We found following best location apartments in Islamabad eligible to add in this blog:

  1. Bahria Enclave
  2. The Downtown Park View City Islamabad
  3. The Eighteen Heights
  4. Zarkon Heights
  5. One Piccadilly
  6. The Arch
  7. Pine Heights

Bahria Enclave

In Islamabad, Pakistan, Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. created the residential development known as Bahria Enclave. The property, which is tucked away in Islamabad’s picturesque hills, provides serene surroundings and amazing vistas. Bahria Enclave, which is well-known for its contemporary infrastructure and careful community design, offers a variety of residential and business areas, such as villas, apartments, and plots.

The site, which is a major highlight, lies in Islamabad’s mountainous landscape. This offers beautiful scenery in addition to a calm living environment for people. The development has all the necessary facilities, including mosques, commercial malls, parks, schools, and hospitals. Bahria Enclave is a gated community that prioritizes security, with round-the-clock security systems in place. All these features collectively make Bahria Enclave one of the best location apartments in Islamabad.

The concept incorporates parks and sports facilities as well as leisure areas with an emphasis on pleasant living. Part of the greater Bahria Town development, which is renowned for its dedication to excellence and quality in real estate, is Bahria Enclave. It’s wise to confirm the most recent information and updates from official sources or local authorities, just like with any real estate investment.

The Downtown Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad, a distinguished residential project by Vision Group, stands as a beacon of modern living in the heart of Pakistan’s capital. While specific details about a “Downtown” section may require further updates, the general features of Park View City contribute to its appeal.

The strategic location of Park View City is a key highlight, providing residents with convenient access to crucial areas within Islamabad. Positioned centrally, the development ensures proximity to major amenities and key city landmarks, enhancing the overall convenience for its residents and make it a top choice among best location apartments in Islamabad.

Designed with a commitment to quality living, Park View City offers a diverse range of housing options, including residential plots, villas, and apartments. The emphasis on amenities is evident, with parks, schools, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and recreational spaces integrated into the community fabric.

Security is paramount in Park View City, with gated access and surveillance systems providing a secure environment for residents. Additionally, some phases of the development may offer scenic views or proximity to natural landscapes, enhancing the overall living experience.

The Eighteen Heights

“The Eighteen Heights” is likely associated with The Eighteen, a premium real estate project in Islamabad, Pakistan. Positioned on the outskirts of the city, The Eighteen boasts an exclusive and tranquil location, providing residents with a luxurious living experience away from the urban hustle.

Nestled amidst scenic surroundings, the project is characterized by a championship-standard golf course, offering not only a recreational amenity but also contributing to the upscale lifestyle of the community. The strategic location emphasizes a serene environment while ensuring accessibility to key areas.

Featuring high-end residential options like luxury villas and apartments, The Eighteen aims to redefine modern living with contemporary architecture and design. Beyond residences, the project includes upscale amenities such as sports facilities, parks, shopping centers, and fine dining options.

Security is paramount, reflecting the commitment to a safe and secure living environment. For those interested in a premium lifestyle in Islamabad, The Eighteen’s location, coupled with its luxurious offerings, positions it as a noteworthy choice for those seeking exclusivity and sophistication in their living spaces. For the latest and most accurate details, consulting official sources or local real estate experts is recommended.

Zarkon Heights

One notable real estate development in Islamabad, Pakistan, is Zarkon Heights, which is distinguished by its advantageous location. With easy access to the city’s main locations, the project seeks to give people a linked and easily accessible living environment.

Zarkon Heights, which is ideally located in the center of Islamabad, puts its inhabitants close to a number of essential facilities and services. To accommodate a range of tastes, the development probably offers a variety of residential alternatives, including apartments and condominiums. Furthermore, Zarkon Heights may have business spaces, which would enhance the community’s vibrancy and integration.

The focus on location is to create a vibrant living environment in addition to being easily accessible. Zarkon Heights is anticipated to give priority to security measures, possibly implementing gated entrance and surveillance systems to protect the safety of its occupants, as is the case with many contemporary constructions.

Zarkon Heights is a remarkable alternative for individuals looking for an Islamabad home that offers a modern lifestyle in a prime location. Since real estate projects might change over time, it’s best to get the most up-to-date and accurate information on the project’s services and advancements from official representatives or local real estate specialists.

One Piccadilly

One Piccadilly stands as a truly inspiring landmark within the exclusive Gulberg Greens Islamabad residential and business complex. This architectural marvel boasts Juliette balconies, double-glazed windows with Georgian bars, ceiling-high doors, and captivating lighting that illuminates the facade after sunset, making it the most spectacular structure in the twin cities.

Nestled in the heart of Gulberg Greens, Islamabad, One Piccadilly offers opulent and luxurious residences, catering to those seeking a premium living experience. The inclusion of commercial stores, cafes, and office spaces within the development provides a comprehensive environment for both residents and businesses. Also, being located in Gulberg Greens makes it one of the best location apartments in Islamabad.

The attention to detail in the design, including architectural elements like Juliette balconies and double-glazed windows, reflects a commitment to luxury and aesthetics. Moreover, the availability of commercial spaces at reasonable costs enhances the accessibility for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in this exclusive complex.

One Piccadilly emerges as a symbol of sophistication and modern living in Islamabad, contributing to the overall allure of Gulberg Greens as an exclusive and sought-after destination for residential and business purposes.

The Arch

The Arch, a remarkable project in G-11/3, Islamabad, promises a lifestyle beyond imagination with cutting-edge facilities. Located at Plot 12, Sector 98, it strategically places residents in one of the city’s most coveted areas. The prime location ensures unparalleled convenience and accessibility, setting the project apart as a distinguished choice for modern living.

In addition to its innovative amenities, The Arch emphasizes a warm and luxurious lifestyle. Premium interior and exterior finishes, efficient lifts, a robust fire-fighting system, 24/7 security, and 100% backup power contribute to an opulent living environment. The communal prayer area adds a spiritual dimension to the high standards The Arch seeks to establish. With every feature and apartment embodying elegance, The Arch not only raises living standards but also introduces a new benchmark in the heart of Islamabad.

Pine Heights

Pine Heights Luxury Apartments is an NOC-approved community by Paragon Builders, elevates living standards in Islamabad. Situated in the D-17 sector, this marvelous real estate venture offers distinctive lifestyle options. The location is a key highlight, boosting the value of these luxury apartments.

As residential needs surge in the capital, Pine Heights addresses the demand with affordability and top-notch infrastructure. Its strategic placement enhances accessibility, making it one of the best apartments in Islamabad. The developers’ plan to create a magnificent community in this prime location has garnered significant interest from investors and residents. Pine Heights Luxury Apartments, with its superb location and commitment to quality living, stands as an exceptional choice in Islamabad’s dynamic real estate landscape.


These elegant apartment buildings in the center of Islamabad redefine luxury living. Bahria Enclave provides style and comfort in the middle of breathtaking scenery. Askari Heights 3, which has a military affiliation, guarantees security and modern living.

The Eighteen Heights offers a posh lifestyle with a golf course, while Park View City in downtown offers an urban paradise with contemporary conveniences. Zarkon Heights has luxurious features and an excellent location. Executive Heights in G-11/3 strives for innovation, while One Piccadilly in Gulberg Greens draws attention with its distinctive design. Pine Heights in D-17 combines affordability with a superb location, while The Arch in Sector G-11/3 promises refinement and convenience. Together, these projects highlight Islamabad’s magnificent and varied real estate market.

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