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Parkview City Lahore had planned a musical concert and food festivity on the New Year’s Eve. However, the government did not permit to celebrate the New Year 2024 and banned all such activities. Therefore, Parkview City Lahore is going to celebrate the New Year’s celebration (Qawali, concert, food festivity, fireworks, and much more) in Lahore on 5th and 6th January 2024.

Famous singers, including, Ali Azmat, Natasha Baig, and Mustafa Zahid, will perform at the concert with enchanted voices. Moreover, Abu Muhammad and Fareed Ayaz shall perform Qawali in the ParkView City Lahore. Regarding the ParkView City Lahore’s concert, you will have to book a ticket to participate in the musical concert. Further, those who have already bought the tickets for 30th and 31st December 2-23, those tickets can be used on 5th and 6th January 2024.

So, get ready to join the Parkview City Lahore New Year’s Celebration in Lahore and make your unforgettable experience.

New Year 2024 Celebration – Parkview City Lahore

Musical concert and food festivity embrace essential significance in Parkview City Lahore for different reasons:

  • Parkview City aims to bring its residents, citizens, and local and international tourist’s happiness.
  • Furthermore, it offers a platform to bring the residents together from various cultural backgrounds. And foster harmony and unity within the community.
  • Moreover, the gala tightens residents’ social links and promotes a sense of companionship among neighbors.
  • In addition, the festival also offers a pause from routine and allows people to lessen their tensions and celebrate together.
  • Also, the celebration allows its residents to escalate and learn from each other’s customs.
  • Further, Parkview City Lahore incites residents, organizations, and local businesses to participate in the festivity Celebration that fosters a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.
  • Likewise, Parkview City is offering the celebration, making memories for individuals and families for the years to come.
  • Consequently, the celebration marks a new chapter, stimulating optimism and hope for a better future that the community cooperatively embraces.

Musical Concert in Parkview City Lahore

Parkview City Lahore arranges musical concert shows in Lahore, where you will see the performances of marvelous singers, including.

  • Ali Azmat
  • Natasha Baig
  • Mustafa Zahid

Qawali Night in Parkview City Lahore

For the Qawali performance, the outstanding Qawal group comprising of

  • Abu Muhammad
  • Fareed Ayaz

Shall perform the qawali in the Parkview City Lahore.

However, the most talented Pakistani actors, actresses, singers and sports personalities, such as

  • Ayesha Umar
  • Hira Mani
  • Shahid Afridi
  • Imran Ashraf
  • Atif Aslam
  • Otilia
  • Soni Walia
  • Shaftaq Amanat Ali

Invite you to participate in the musical concert show, which is being held in Lahore on 5th and 6th January 2024.

Food Courts, Fireworks Display and Kid’s Area

Moreover, for the people’s refreshments, food stalls will also be installed by the renowned cuisine makers of the country. On the other hand, the New Year Celebration shall be enjoyed with a captivating display of fireworks at midnight. However, for the families who will be carrying their babies, the society shall arrange a kids’ play area for the little ones.

Event Schedule:

  • Venue: Parkview City Lahore
  • Date: 5th and 6th January 2024
  • Time: 18:00 pm to 23:00 pm

You can book your tickets at

Conclusion: Majestic Presentation and New Year Festivity 2024

Local and international individuals are welcome to participate in the New Year’s event which is being held on 5th and 6th January 2024 where the spectators can observe the majestic fireworks presentation and a captivating light show. Also, the society is arranging food fiesta for families.  

The marvellous singers, including Ali Azmat, Natasha Baig, and Mustafa Zahid, & Qawali by Abu Muhammad and Fareed Ayaz shall be performing with their magical voices.

We suggest you to participate in the memorable New Year’s Fiesta 2024 in ParkView City Lahore where you will enjoy concert, qawali, fireworks display, food stalls, and much more. If you want to enjoy the New Year’s Celebrations, take advantage of an opportunity.

Those who did not buy the tickets yet, we recommend you to buy and make your memorable experience for the years to come. Further, those who have already bought the tickets these tickets can be used on 5th and 6th January 2024.

Don’t miss out the opportunity. Thus, book your tickets on

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