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Regarding development and town planning in Islamabad, the CDA is well-known in Pakistan. Islamabad is the most suitable place to live a luxurious lifestyle because of its major landmarks, less population, green landscape, and healthy air quality index. Islamabad has five zones, including.

  • Zone I
  • Zone II
  • Zone III
  • Zone IV
  • Zone V

In accordance with the CDA Ordinance 1960, the Capital Development Authority is not only responsible for managing the Islamabad Territory but also in charge of implementing construction rules and regulations, laws, No Objection Certificates, and Capital Planning.

CDA has launched C-14, C-15, and G-14 sectors for middle- and lower-middle-class families. So, we discuss about CDA’s prime sectors for best investment opportunities in Islamabad. We have described each sector in detail. Let’s dive into the details of each sector.

Why is CDA popular?

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) maintains a good reputation compared to private developers. Furthermore, CDA is part of Islamabad’s master plan with contemporary development. Investment is considered safe in CDA sectors, and all transactions and payments are made with government authorities.

There are many private housing societies in the vicinity of the capital, but CDA sectors are situated in central Islamabad. Because of their location, it increases the importance of investing in CDA sectors where the residents can get all the available facilities and amenities.

Benefits of Investing in CDA Sectors

Profitability Potential

CDA offers only limited plots at affordable prices compared to private companies. Because of the limited plots offers, most investors are attracted, and for this reason, the price is higher than that of other housing societies. So, CDA’s prime sectors offer for best investment opportunities in Islamabad.

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Strategic Location

The CDA sectors are located in the center of Islamabad. Thus, most people desire to live in this prime location.

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Trustworthiness Factor

Regarding the trustworthiness factor, people don’t trust private developers as much as government bodies. However, CDA sectors represent the government authority, and people consider it highly trustworthy. 

Development momentum

Individuals who wished to build their own homes have to wait for many years as the sector takes a long time to develop. The reason for the delay is that local people refuse to give CDA permission to develop their land.

Development Standards

The CDA’s development quality is lower than that of private housing societies like Bahria Town and the Defense Housing Authority.

List of CDA Sectors in Islamabad

  • Sector C – 14
  • Sector C – 15
  • Sector C – 16
  • Sector E – 12
  • Sector G – 14
  • Sector I – 11
  • Sector I – 12
  • Sector I – 14
  • Sector I – 15
  • Sector I – 16

For more information, please watch this video: CDA Prime Sector for Investment.

CDA’s Prime Sectors for Best Investment Opportunities in Islamabad

Islamabad Real Estate Market has been expanding. The property rates in the Capital Development Authority are at the top in some sectors, while in the newly launched sectors, the price is affordable and can offer a lucrative return on investment.

The newly launched Capital Development Authority (CDA) Sectors like C-14, C-15, and G-14 present the best forecasts regarding ROI (Return on Investment). The price in these sectors is increasing and will also increase with time. Thus, these sectors offer safe and secure investment.

C-14 Sector Islamabad – CDA’s Prime Sectors for Best Investment Opportunities in Islamabad

C-14 sector Islamabad is located at the base of Margalla Hills. This sector offers a beautiful view of nature and hills. This area has been a beautiful destination for nature lovers in Islamabad. Moreover, this sector is a serene place with a tranquil ambiance.

Developers of C-14 Sector Islamabad

The C-14 sector in Islamabad is positioned in Zone-3. The CDA also supervises this sector. In April 2022, the Capital Development Authority announced that it would hand over the development and construction of industries C-14 and C-15 to NLC (National Logistic Cell).

Location of C-14 Islamabad

This sector is one of the most attractive sectors that provides a beautiful view of Margalla Hills. This sector is located in the Zone-3 Islamabad. Further, it is close to Margalla Road. The residents of C-14 can easily approach the city. Also, the residents can enjoy luxurious lifestyles with all the facilities and amenities. By map, this sector is 33 min away from New Islamabad International Airport, 11 min away from Multi Garden, 17 min from Faisal Hills Arc Monument, and 13 min from Sir Syed Case Institute of Technology.

Residential Plots in C-14 Sector Islamabad

C-14 Sector Islamabad provides a luxury lifestyle standard in its excellent location. Furthermore, Islamabad’s C-14 sector offers 1 Kanal of land for those who want to spend their luxurious and comfortable lives in an ideal place close to Margalla Hills.

Commercial Plots in C-14 Sector Islamabad

C-14 sector Islamabad has allocated a lot of space for commercial purposes, namely C-14 Main Markaz. Furthermore, this place is well-equipped and developed with all facilities and amenities. Moreover, there are many brands, including national and international brands.

Facilities and Amenities in C-14 Sector Islamabad

  • Education
  • Water supply
  • Security
  • Mosque
  • Health facility
  • Car parking
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Parks

This sector offers top-notch development, exclusive shopping experience, entertainment, and cuisine options, making the lifestyle like no other. Additionally, fundamental services like gas, water supply, and electricity are readily available and accessible to the residents.

CDA’S Facilities in this sector include

  • Market
  • College
  • School
  • Community hall
  • Parks
  • ATMs and Banks
  • Walking Paths
  • Fully Carpeted Roads

C – 15 Sector Islamabad – CDA’s Prime Sectors for Best Investment Opportunities in Islamabad

Currently, the Capital Development Authority has created C-15 and C-16. The Authority made an agreement with the landowners that CDA would give one Kanal of developed land for every four kanals of land located there.

These sectors are easily reachable by Margalla Avenue. By the plan, Margalla Avenue starts in sector D-12 and climbs to GT Road. Furthermore, it provides access to these sectors. Moreover, these are the shortest routes to housing developments, including B-17 and D-17 on the opposite side of GT Road.

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The master plans of these societies also demonstrate smaller plots. On the other hand, the majority of these sectors offer one Kanal of residential plots. The location of these sectors is good.

Regarding the previous performance of the civil Authority, the development took a long time as the Capital Development Authority was involved in land purchasing.

The summary of these sectors

  • These sectors are located at a suitable location
  • The requirement of budget is reasonable
  • Return on investment is high
  • Development’s pace is slow
  • It offers long-term investment opportunity
  • The standard of development is undefined

The prices in the C-15 and C-16 sectors are affordable as these sectors were launched a few years back. Investing in these sectors can provide a good return on investment if you wait a few years for society to develop.

G-14 Sector Islamabad – CDA’s Prime Sectors for Best Investment Opportunities in Islamabad

Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) is a government authority responsible for creating housing ventures for federal government employees in Islamabad. In 2004, FGEHA created sector G-14. Furthermore, the G-14 sector has sub-sectors such as G-14/3, G-14/2, and G-14/1. In G-14/2 & G-14/1, the majority of the people have settled, and no survey has been undertaken in these sectors.

As far as the location of the G-14 sector is concerned, it is located along the Main Kashmir Highway. Also, this location is more desirable. The price in the G-14 subsectors is lower than that of the G-13 sector as the G-13 sector is well developed while the G-14 sector is less developed. As the industry is being developed, it will take time to grow, but once it is fully developed, it will offer a high return on investment and is also for long-term investment.

Residential Plots in G-14 Sector Islamabad

The g-14 sector offers residential plots in different categories, including

  • 4 Marla Residential Plot
  • 5 Marla Residential Plot
  • 7 Marla Residential Plot
  • 10 Marla Residential Plot
  • 12 Marla Residential Plot
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plot

The G-14/4 is the developed area. Thus, you can invest in other subsectors of G-14 where the price is affordable.

  • One Kanal Plot Price: 1.25 Crore
  • 4 Marla Plot Price: 31 Lac
  • 5 Marla Plot Price: 42 Lac
  • 7 Marla Plot Price: 56 Lac
  • 10 Marla Plot Price: 76 Lac
  • 12 Marla Plot Price: 91 Lac

However, the prices may vary from sector to sector and location to location, but they are reasonable in all subsectors except G-14/4.

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Summary of the sectors G-14

  • Return on investment is anticipated to be high
  • The requirement of budget is affordable to high
  • Development work is at a slow pace
  • It offers a longstanding investment opportunity
  • G-14 is located at a suitable location

The G-14 sector is one of the best investment options if your budget is medium. This area will be developed soon. Therefore, if you have a budget, you should acquire a plot of 10 Marla or 1 Kanal in the sub-sector G-14/3, as this sector will offer you a high return on investment and a long-lasting investment. 


Islamabad offers a luxurious lifestyle to those seeking to uphold a high standard of living. C-14, C-15, & G-14 are the CDA’s prime sectors for best investment opportunities in Islamabad. The CDA acquires land from landowners, so it has been offering relief to the middle and lower middle classes.

LBD Marketing strongly recommends you invest only in NOC-approved projects. This blog is only for informative purpose about CDA’s prime sectors for best investment opportunities in Islamabad. Please consult with a professional before investing. Thus, invest at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any loss.

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