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Capital Smart City Interchange has become one of the most important milestone on M-2 Motorway. Further, the Interchange has been active as it has been approved by the 381th Executive Board Meeting of National Highway Authority. The National Highway Authority’s executive board meeting was held on 4 February 2022. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss Capital Smart City Interchange along with other proposals.

As soon as the meeting was over, the Executive Board announced the glad tidings of the approval of Capital Smart City Interchange at 332-333 KM on the M-2 Motorway to FDHL (Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited . Furthermore, access to the M-2 Motorway has been granted because CSC has fulfilled all the required documents by the National Highway Authority.

Thus, NHA has granted Capital Smart City Interchange’s formal approval. According to recent updates, the society will soon start working on Interchange.

Capital Smart City Interchange Location

Capital Smart City Interchange is preplanned and located at the prime location. The CSC Interchange is between patches 30-31 on the Lahore-Islamabad (M-2) Motorway. Furthermore, the Interchange’s location claims a prime location because it is located on M-2 Motorway, connecting society’s 1 underpass with Islamabad direction while another underpass will connect with Lahore direction. Moreover, it will connect the visitors and residents to the main places and destinations inside and outside the capital smart city.

Capital Smart City Interchange Map

National Highway Authority has granted permission to build Capital Smart City Interchange at 332-333 kilometers on the M-2 Motorway. Before the CSC Interchange, the commuters had to travel 52 kilometers via Chakri Toll Plaza to visit Capital Smart City Islamabad. But now the round trip has been reduced to 52 kilometers with the construction of CSC Interchange. Temporary pass is required to enter into the capital smart city.

The M-Tag booth has been installed, and the commuters will have to pay the M-Tag toll. Until the m-Tag is operational, the commuters should require temporary pass. However, by June 15, the E-Tag will be operational, making the entry and exit points of the Capital Smart City on the motorway very easy.

Easy Accessibilities to Different Societies

Capital Smart City Interchange is

  • 9 kilometers away from Al Haram City
  • 7 kilometers away from Shahbaz Town
  • 6 kilometers away from Qartaba City
  • 7 kilometers away from University Town
  • 9 kilometers away from DHA Phase 9
  • 5 kilometers away from Askari 14
  • 7 kilometers away from DHA Phase 1
  • 4 kilometers away from Soan Garden
  • 7 kilometers away from DHA Phase 2
  • 7 kilometers away from Fazaia Housing Society
  • 7 kilometers away from Faisal Town Phase 2

Blocks adjacent to M-2 Motorway

Capital Smart City has blocks including A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, & N blocks. The society has several blocks adjacent to the M-2 Motorway, and these districts are Overseas East, Overseas Central Prime, Gate Sector, and Executive Block.

Construction of 3 Underpasses to Connect with M-2 Motorway

The society’s administration is committed to building 3 underpasses to connect with the M-2 Motorway. The first underpass will be 108 feet high, whereas the remaining 2 underpasses will be 90 feet high. Work on these underpasses has started, and the allotted land has been dug out. These underpasses will connect on the opposite side of the M-2 Motorway. The entry point will be on the Islamabad side, while the exit will be on the Lahore side.

Special Pass to Enter in the Capital Smart City

Initially, the particular entry was granted to only the administration of the society. Later, those who had their property or filed in this housing society were given permission. Special passes are issued by the administration from F-11 Makaz Islamabad for visiting the CSC. If you plan to visit this society, you can get a special pass from the CSC office in F-11 Markaz Islamabad. Once you enter, you can overview the development status of Capital Smart City and its Interchange.

Capital Smart City Interchange has become a moment of pride for the owners and developers as the society has been granted access to the M-2 Motorway. The National Highway Authority has given the official approval. Before that, visitors came to this society via Chakri Interchange.

The society did not have access to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Therefore, visitors only have one option to enter society: the Chakri Interchange point.

In short, the Capital Smart City Interchange has temporary access from the M-2 Motorway. Fences and bars have been removed from both sides to make the entry and exit points. Thus, only those who have special passes can enter and exit quickly without any hurdle.  

Capital Smart City: Sole Society to Have M-2 Motorway Interchange

Capital Smart City is the only society on the M-2 Motorway having access to it with the M-2 (Lahore-Islamabad) Interchange. Society is a good destination not only for the residents but also for businesses that have unmatched accessibility and connectivity.  

Capital Smart City Interchange Construction Updates

Construction on the capital smart city interchange will start within a few months, and society will indeed benefit from this great achievement. On the other hand, several sectors will benefit from other districts, and the beneficiaries of the capital smart city interchange will be Overseas East, Overseas Central Prime, Executive Block, and Gate Zone. Furthermore, all the blocks will benefit from this Interchange as they are within this society.

The infrastructure work is going in full swing. Three underpasses are being built, and carpeted roads are being developed. The construction work of overseas block 2 has been started. Villas and apartments are also being constructed in the Executive block. As the Interchange of this society has been approved, the construction work will proceed more quickly.

Once the CSC interchange is constructed, the adjacent societies will also benefit. They will have direct access to M-2 via Capital Smart City Housing Society.

Latest Development Updates

As far as the latest updates are concerned, two service lanes have been built and fully carpeted on both sides of the motorway. On the Lahore direction side, the street lights have been installed. To visit the capital smart city, a temporary pass is required, which can be obtained from the head office of the CSC in Islamabad. Once the M-Tag is operational, there is no need for a temporary pass to visit the society. By June 15, the M-Tag will be operational.

The capital smart city interchange has entry points from Lahore, whereas exits are towards Islamabad. Furthermore, the boards are being installed. On the other hand, the entire entry and exit points, plus a two-lane service road on the motorway have been completed. Furthermore, streetlights are also being installed on the motorway. Overall, the development at the site is going on at this time.  

Capital Smart City Interchange Approval by National Highway Authority (NHA)

The National Highway Authority’s 381st Executive Board Meeting approved the construction of the Capital Smart City Interchange. It granted FDHL (Future Development Holdings (PVT) LTD) permission to develop an interchange for its Capital Smart City Housing Project.

The Interchange is planned to be built at 332-333 KM on the M-2 (Lahore-Islamabad) Motorway. The National Highway Authority (NHA) will monitor it. Capital Smart City has fulfilled all the NHA’s basic requirements, so the Interchange has been approved, and work will commence soon.  


The Capital Smart City has now become a unique residential project in the country’s real estate market because of its interchange on M-2 Motorway. The interchange is a key player in determining how transportation and residential connectivity develop in Islamabad because of its advantageous location, effective connectivity, and dedication to modernization. The Capital Smart City Interchange is essential for improving your connectivity, reduction of travel time, and accessibility inside the city, regardless of whether you are a commuter or residents.   

Capital Smart City Interchange is the most outstanding achievement, allowing residents and business activities to connect unmatched accessibility to the major destinations. Because of its interchange, the value of the capital smart city has increased. The capital smart city is NOC-approved by RDA. Thus, your one-time investment in this housing project is safe and secure.

The National Highway Authority has granted permission to CSC to construct the Capital Smart City Interchange at 332-333 kilometers on the M-2 Motorway between patches 30-31 or close to Capital Smart City. Capital Smart City is located adjacent to the M-2 Motorway, and it is the only society that has its own interchange on the motorway. The society will construct three underpasses to connect with the motorway, and construction will start within two months.

Capital Smart City Interchange will offer problem-free passage, connecting with residential societies, and easy access to New Islamabad International Airport, highest ROI, and reduction of travel time.  

The construction of Capital Smart City Interchange is in full swing. Street lights have been installed. Moreover, two-lane service roads on both sides of the motorway have been built.  

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