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Sialkot: A City of Historical Significance and Modern Innovation

Sialkot is situated in the northeast region of Punjab, Pakistan. It is a city with a rich historical background and a vibrant contemporary industrial landscape. Known as Pakistan’s 12th most populous city, Sialkot’s significance is not merely historical but also economic, as it is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and productive business ventures.
Today, Sialkot is celebrated for its robust industrial activity, which is particularly noted by *The Economist*. The city is renowned as the world’s largest producer of hand-sewn footballs, manufacturing 40 to 60 million footballs annually, which accounts for approximately 70% of global production. Additionally, Sialkot is the foremost manufacturer of surgical instruments worldwide. The city’s export capabilities are formidable, with a notable milestone in 2015 where it exported goods worth approximately $2 billion, representing about 10% of Pakistan’s total exports. Apart from all the qualities of Sialkot, there is one thing that needs to be a concern!

Is it worthwhile to live in Sialkot?

Today, I will be highlighting one of the largest and most well-established housing societies, Citi Housing Sialkot. Let’s examine the owner and developer of this housing society, their previous deliveries, amenities, payment plans, phases, and much more.

Citi Housing Sialkot, A Lifestyle Preferences in Sialkot:

City Housing Sialkot Known for its modern living. This housing society combines urban conveniences with peace, away from city hustle and bustle. Citi Housing Sialkot was developed by Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. The housing society is located in prime locations, such as Sialkot Road and Aimanabad Road, which offers a peaceful lifestyle to the residents. The owner of Citi Housing Society is Amer Malik. Citi Housing projects include Gujranwala, Jhelum, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Khariya and Sialkot. Each project has been successfully delivered, and they are working on their projects with great care and focus.

Citi Housing Sialkot Urban Planning and Amenities

Citi Housing Sialkot is very excellent at planning. Whether it’s creating a new community or a new construction project, they are fully planned and feature commercial, boulevard, residential blocks, lush green parks, state-of-the-art infrastructure, carpeted roads, and much more. This project aims to provide a peaceful and plush lifestyle with a peaceful environment for its residents.
The development includes an international standard 200-bed hospital, a world-class school, a centrally air-conditioned grand mosque, a zoo, a luxury gym and spa, and a state-of-the-art movie theatre. These facilities underscore the commitment to providing a gold-standard living experience.

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Residents of Citi Housing Sialkot enjoy a variety of amenities designed to enhance their quality of life. The community features a well-designed, beautiful masjid and an international-standard school system. For recreation and entertainment, the housing society offers lush green parks, a zoo, a fully equipped opera cinema, fitness centres, and various dining options. This array of facilities ensures that residents can access all necessary services and leisure activities within the community.
If we talk about the food amenities, here are the restaurants in the Citi housing Sialkot.
Food Points;

  • Second Cup Coffee
  • China Citi Restaurant
  • Flame and Grill
  • Khabay Restaurant
  • Desi Dhaba
  • G’s pizza and burger
  • Pizza Club
  • Al-Shahbaz Restaurant
  • Tea O’ Clock
  • Ideal bakery
  • Bake Master

Strategic Location and Accessibility

Citi Housing Sialkot’s prime location on Aimanabad Road and Sialkot Road makes it an ideal place for sustainable living. The housing society is easily accessible from various vital points:

  • 5 minutes from Daska Road
  • 15 minutes from Pasrur Road
  • 10 minutes from Defense Road
  • 19 minutes from Wazirabad Road
  • 17 minutes from the M-11 Motorway
  • 29 minutes from Chawinda Road

Nearby Landmarks

The strategic location of Citi Housing Sialkot ensures proximity to notable landmarks such as:

  • Pasrur Road
  • Daska Road
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Kashmir Colony
  • Al Rehman Garden Sialkot

Nearby Educational Institutes;

  • Sialkot Medical College
  • Allied School
  • Govt Girls Elementary School
  • University Of Sialkot
  • Roots Millennium Schools

Nearby Banks

  • Meezan Bank
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Askari Bank
  • HBL Bank
  • Bank Alfalah

Master Plan and Development

Citi Housing Sialkot is offering both residential and commercial plots across several blocks. The housing society provides a variety of plot sizes to cater to different needs:

  • Residential plots: 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal
  • Commercial plots: 3 Marla, 6 Marla
  • Villas: 6 Marla, 10 Marla

Payment Plan and Development Status

Citi Housing Sialkot offers a very reasonable payment plan with a 3-year instalment option, making it an attractive investment opportunity. The development status is promising, with roads constructed and many plots already occupied. The ongoing construction of new houses indicates rapid development and high demand. But before investing in and buying any property, we suggest you communicate with the official sales team of Citi Housing Sialkot.

Facilities and Amenities

Citi Housing Sialkot is designed to provide modern facilities and amenities crucial for a civilized lifestyle. The management promotes environmental sustainability, encouraging residents to minimize energy, water, and food consumption and to avoid pollution.

Key Facilities

  • Self-Sustaining Resilient Structure: Promotes a healthy environment with green public spaces and natural ventilation systems.
  • Citi Villas: Modern architecture blending comfort and luxury.
  • Shopping Mart: A multipurpose mart with a wide range of products and home delivery services.
  • Citi Medicare: A top-tier medical facility offering comprehensive healthcare services.
  • 24/7 Power Supply: Ensures uninterrupted electricity for residents.
  • 24/7 Security: Provides strong security through physical and electronic measures.

Recreational Facilities

  • Parks and Floriculture: Green spaces with playing fields and jogging tracks.
  • Fountains and Waterfalls: Enhance the landscape with a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Citi Zoo: Home to various species of animals for entertainment and education.
  • Citi Parlor: Offers high-quality hair and skin services.
  • Fitness Center: Equipped with innovative weight-reducing and body-shaping equipment.
  • Opera Cinema: Provides a premier cinematic experience with ultra-wide screens and digital sound.

Why did we choose to write on this topic?

The main reason is that many people living in Sialkot own startups and established businesses. The best strategy for business profits is to invest them securely. Citi Housing Sialkot is ideal, as it offers a safe and secure investment. The value of plots in Citi Housing Sialkot is increasing daily, making it a profitable choice. Additionally, there’s great news for potential investors: Citi Housing Sialkot has launched its Phase 2. This provides an excellent opportunity to invest your profits and see even greater returns.

Closing Comments

Citi Housing Sialkot represents a significant leap in modern living, offering luxury, convenience, and sustainability. Developed by Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd., it promises a lifestyle enriched with top-tier amenities and a serene environment. As Sialkot continues to thrive both historically and economically, Citi Housing Sialkot stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to providing a high quality of life to its residents. Citi Housing Sialkot, where your investments yield profit.

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