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DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is a prominent project of the Defense Housing Authority. It is situated between GT (Grand Trunk) Road and Islamabad Highway and spans over 15,075 Kanals. DHA Phase 2 Islamabad’s sectors are fully developed. Furthermore, the project offers harmony, luxury, convenience, and peace.

It is located in Zone 4 of Islamabad and is considered one of the most attractive phases compared to other phases. This phase is 5 minutes away from DHA Phase 1 Islamabad. It has 17 blocks from A to Q block. Development work has been completed and society is fully urbanized.

The housing project has 4 gates, including gates 1, 2, 3, and 7. Gates 1, 2, and 3 are located on Grand Trunk Road, whereas gate no. 7 lies on Islamabad Expressway.

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Apartments Projects

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad apartment projects offer 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments.

  • Defense Residency
  • Lignum Tower
  • Zameen Ace Mall
  • Defense Executive

Tower Projects

  • Askari Tower 1
  • Askari Tower 2

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Location

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is situated between the Main Grand Trunk (GT) Road and the Islamabad Expressway. The project is located in a prime location where the society is easily approachable from major thoroughfares and roads of the twin cities. Within minutes, you can reach Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There are many entrance gates of DHA Phase 2 Islamabad alongside the Islamabad Expressway and Grand Trunk Road.   

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Map

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is a residential and commercial project by DHA. Furthermore, it is situated at the GT Road and Islamabad Expressway junction. The entry and exit points are secured by guards, ensuring a safe and secure environment. DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is a modern and developed area with green spaces and wide roads. It connects with the Islamabad Expressway from one side and ends on Main Grand Trunk Road.

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Master Plan

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is a residential and commercial project located along Islamabad Expressway and Grand Trunk Road. In addition, the project spans over 15,075 Kanal. The society offers a luxury living experience with its contemporary development and premium location. The project has been divided into different sectors, from Block A to Block J, with separate entrance gates.

The project offers a wide and carpeted main boulevard and avenues lined with trees and landscaping, parks, shopping centers, and other facilities and amenities. Moreover, it offers an ideal location for those who want to live in a safe and secure environment without compromising convenience.  

Residential Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 33 Marla
  • 8 Marla

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad NOC (No Objection Certificate) Status

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is the project of the Defense Housing Authority. It is a government entity’s project. Thus, it doesn’t need to get NOC approval from government.

In short, DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is an NOC-approved project that sprawls over 15,075 Kanal of land, including residential and commercial properties.

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Owner and Developers

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) owns and develops DHA Phase 2 Islamabad. It offers its residents a prime location and luxurious living experience, ensuring peace of mind in its community.

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad House Prices

5 Marla House Price

  • Sectors: J
  • Size: 5 Marla
  • Minimum: 1.4 Crore
  • Maximum: 4.5 Crore

10 Marla House Price

  • Sector: F
  • Size: 10 Marla
  • Minimum: 2.7 Crore
  • Maximum: 7.5 Crore

11 Marla House Price

  • Sector: F
  • Size: 11 Marla
  • Minimum: 5.1 Crore
  • Maximum: 7.25 Crore

12 Marla House Price

  • Sector: F
  • Size:  12 Marla
  • Minimum: 3.5 Crore
  • Maximum: 6.25 Crore

15 Marla House Price

  • Sector: J
  • Size: 15 Marla
  • Minimum: 6.5 Crore
  • Maximum: 6.8 Crore

1 Kanal House Price

  • Size: 1 Kanal
  • Minimum: 6.35 Crore
  • Maximum: 17 Crore

2 Kanal House Price

  • Size: 2 Kanal
  • Minimum: 14 Crore
  • Maximum: 25 Crore

Plots Price in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

5 Marla Plot Price  

  • Sectors: Giga Mall Extension Tower,
  • Size: 5 Marla
  • Minimum: 27.5 Lakh
  • Maximum: 2.3 Crore

10 Marla Plot Price

  • Sectors: A, E
  • Size: 10 Marla
  • Minimum: 2.1 Crore
  • Maximum: 3.6 Crore

1 Kanal Plot Price

  • Sectors: C, E
  • Size: 1 Kanal
  • Minimum: 45 Lac
  • Maximum: 8 Crore

2 Kanal Plot Price

  • Sectors: D, E, G, C  
  • Size: 2 Kanal
  • Minimum: 7.2 Crore
  • Maximum: 14 Crore

Payment Plan of Commercial Plots

4 Marla Plot Price

  • Sector: B, F
  • Size: 4 Marla
  • Minimum: 3.45 Crore
  • Maximum: 7.5 Crore

5 Marla Plot Price

  • Sectors: B, E
  • Size: 5 Marla
  • Minimum: 3.75 Crore
  • Maximum: 12 Crore

6 Marla Plot Price

  • Sectors: F, E
  • Size: 6 Marla
  • Minimum: 6.5 Crore
  • Maximum: 14.5 Crore

8 Marla Plot Price

  • Sectors: A, F
  • Size: 8 Marla
  • Minimum: 9 Crore
  • Maximum: 16 Crore

Accessibility to DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is

  • 2 minutes away from Zaraj Football Club
  • 5 minutes away from Bahria Golf Course
  • 8 minutes away from Sihala
  • 10 minutes away from National Logistic Cell (NLC)
  • 15 minutes away from Rawat
  • 15 minutes away from the National Highway
  • 40 minutes away from Zero Points
  • 1 hour from New Islamabad International Airport

Nearby Societies to DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

  • DHA Valley Islamabad
  • DHA Phase 3 Islamabad
  • Grand Orchard DHA
  • River Gardens Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • Bahria Town Phase 3
  • DHA Phase 1
  • Army Officers Colony
  • Bahria Town Phase 4
  • Soan Gardens
  • PWD Housing Society
  • Media Town
  • Zaraj Housing Society

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Blocks

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad – Block A

  • Fully developed sector
  • Offer all modern facilities
  • Has Lignum high-rise tower (Apartments)
  • Has Defense Residency (Apartments)
  • Has Defense Executive Apartments
  • Facilities
  • Security
  • Elevators
  • Intercoms
  • Spacious dining rooms
  • Ultra-modern kitchen
  • Airy bedrooms
  • Lavish fitted bathrooms
  • Car parking
  • Prayer area
  • Gymnasium
  • Kid’s play area
  • Fire-fighting system
  • CCTV security systems

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad – Block B

  • Well-developed block
  • Offers DHA Tennis Court
  • Offers recreational park
  • Has dine-in

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad – Block D to J

  • Developed sectors

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Security

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi offers 24/7 security to its residents to ensure their peace of mind. Moreover, the security personnel have mobile vehicles to patrol at night. Also, the security personnel have walky-talkies to communicate and are equipped with weapons to handle emergency situations.

Nearby Educational Institutes

  • Roots Millennium School
  • Foundation University Islamabad
  • Scientific College
  • Liui School and College
  • DHAI Education System
  • Future Foundation School
  • Allied School DHA Campus
  • DHA Army Public School
  • Defense Education System

Sports and Parks

  • Central Park DHA-2
  • Calisthenics Parks
  • DHA Family Park Basketball Court
  • Family Bee Park
  • Tennis Courts, Phase 2 DHAI
  • DHA Park
  • DHA Family Park
  • Children Skating Rink
  • Wild Wings DHA
  • DHA Tennis Courts
  • DHA Family Park Squash Court

Hospitals nearby DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

  • The Aga Khan University Hospital
  • UHealth International Hospital
  • Gulf Regional Hospital
  • Life Shield Medical Complex
  • Mumtaz Medical and Dental Complex
  • Veterans Health Care and Avicenna Medical Center
  • Ripha International Hospital

Nearby Shopping Centers and Groceries

  • Giga Mall
  • ASPiRis Mall
  • City Plaza
  • Chase Value – Islamabad
  • D Mall
  • Sector C Market
  • XEe Emporium Mall & Apartments
  • Punjab Cash and Carry
  • Western Cash and Carry
  • Carrefour at Giga Mall

Nearby Restaurants and Cafes

  • Chashni
  • Café the Karak
  • Craves Café – Steakhouse
  • Tornado Café
  • Luqman Restaurant  
  • China Town and Jade Café
  • Casa Rica Restaurant
  • Little Bistro
  • Club House
  • New Quetta AlParo Café
  • Meet N Treat
  • Lit Restaurant

Nearby Banks

  • Soneri Bank Ltd.
  • Allied Bank
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Allied Bank Ltd.
  • Samba Bank
  • Bank Islami Pakistan Limited
  • Faysal Bank
  • Meezan Bank DHA – II
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Silk Metro Bank
  • Silk Bank Emaan
  • Habib Bank Ltd
  • Askari Islamic Bank, DHA Phase 2
  • MCB Bank
  • Askari Bank

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad Development Status

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is a completely developed housing project by DHA (Defense Housing Authority). The residents reside in this marvelous housing scheme. The main boulevard connects all the blocks from A to J and leads them to major roads. The residents can find McDonald’s at Jacaranda Family Club and Giga Mall, where they can enjoy all the luxury living that is difficult to get elsewhere.

Facilities and Amenities

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad has been offering top-notch facilities and amenities, including;

  • Gated Community
  • Jacaranda Club
  • JFC Cineplex
  • Giga Mall – World Trade Center
  • Mosques  
  • Parks and Jogging Tracks
  • Defense Executive
  • Lignum Tower
  • Defense Residency
  • Hospitals and Laboratories
  • 40 Ft. Wide Streets
  • 130 Ft. Wide Roads
  • 150 Ft. Wide DHA Expressway
  • Commercial Zone
  • Central Park
  • Zameen Ace Mall
  • Askari Towers 1 and 2
  • Health Facilities
  • Sector Utility Area
  • Educational Facilities

Booking Procedure

  • Fill out the DHA Phase 2 Islamabad application form
  • Annex the mandatory documents
  • Annex the receipt of down payment
  • Apply the DHA Phase 2 Islamabad management

Documents Required for Booking

  • 2 CNIC copies
  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 CNIC copies of kin

Why should you invest in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad?

Investing in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 2 Islamabad has multiple benefits. The project offers safe and secure investment to buyers and investors.

Significant Return on Investment (ROI)

The society is located in a prime location, so each plot in this society has a great potential for a high return on investment for stakeholders. If you want to earn a good profit, you can invest by considering the location of the property in this society.

Economic Stability  

As the DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is a government project, your investment is safe. Moreover, commercial and residential properties are the best source of financial independence not only for local but also for overseas customers.

Earning Without Active Involvement  

If you have a property in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad, you can have a source of passive income. You can get the tenants for your property to earn passive money.

Final Words

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad offers luxurious housing for those who want a secure and sustainable environment.

The project’s prime location attracts investors who want the highest return on their investment. The project offers residential and commercial properties. The society is fully developed and has become the hub of commercial activities. The society is NOC-approved as it is a government project. Thus, your investment in this society is 100% secured.

Team Luxurious Marketing recommends investing only in NOC-approved housing projects. Visit the website to learn about DHA Phase 9 Islamabad.

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