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Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a premier residential and commercial project that epitomizes modern living within the heart of Pakistan’s capital. Conceived as a serene and luxurious enclave, this meticulously planned community combines lush green spaces with high-end amenities, offering residents a harmonious blend of natural beauty and urban convenience.

Since its inception, Gulberg Greens has attracted considerable attention for its strategic location, sophisticated infrastructure, and commitment to sustainable living. It is one of the most sought-after destinations in Islamabad for investors and homebuyers.

Gulberg Green Islamabad Owners & Developers

Gulberg Greens is a flagship project of the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS). With a strong reputation for delivering quality developments, this society is driven by a vision to create secure, modern, and environmentally friendly living spaces.

Leveraging their extensive experience and commitment to excellence, IBECHS has successfully transformed Gulberg Greens into a benchmark for contemporary housing societies in Pakistan. Their focus on meticulous planning, robust infrastructure, and sustainable development practices has been instrumental in the project’s success.

Projects by IBECHS

  • Pakistan Town Islamabad
  • Gulberg Heights
  • Gulberg Residencia

Gulberg Green Islamabad Location

Strategically located in Zone IV of Islamabad, Gulberg Green enjoys unparalleled accessibility and connectivity. It is situated along the Islamabad Expressway, one of the capital’s main arterial roads. It provides access to major areas such as the Blue Area, Rawalpindi, and the new Islamabad International Airport.

The precise positioning of Gulberg Greens on the map shows it lying adjacent to the Korang River, with proximity to key landmarks, including Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad, and the Islamabad Expressway.

This prime location enhances the appeal of Gulberg Greens, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle with urban amenities and natural surroundings.

Nearby Schools

  • Beaconhouse School System – 9.6 km
  • Future World School – 2.1 km
  • Forebels International School – 1.7 km
  • Dar e Arqam School – 5.2 km 
  • Exploreville school – 5.4 km
  • Pak Turk School – 15.4 km
  • Discovery school Soan Garden – 8.1 km

Nearby Hospitals

  • Elaaj international hospital – 10.6 km
  • Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi – 12.5 km
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital – 18 km
  • Shifa International Hospital – 17 km
  • KRL Hospital – 22 km

Nearby Universities

  • Ripah international university – 2km
  • Air University – 23 km 
  • University of Science and Technology – 28 km
  • Institute of Space and Technology -14km
  • Fast National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences – 25 km
  • National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) – 28 km

Nearby Housing Societies

  • Bahria town – 12 km
  • H.A Islamabad Phase 2 – 14 km
  • PWD Housing Society Islamabad – 8.3 km
  • Askari 14 – 18 km
  • Ghori town – 8 km

Total Area of Gulberg Green Islamabad

Gulberg Greens spans an expansive area of approximately 60,000 Kanal (about 7,500 acres). This vast expanse is meticulously divided into residential plots, farmhouses, commercial areas, and green spaces.

The project’s layout reflects a thoughtful integration of residential and commercial zones, complemented by parks, gardens, and recreational facilities. The large area ensures that residents enjoy spacious living environments with ample room for outdoor activities and communal gatherings.

Gulberg Green’s NOC Status

One critical aspect of any real estate project is its legal standing and approvals. Gulberg Greens Islamabad, a fully approved No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). This certification ensures that the development complies with all the government authorities’ regulatory standards and guidelines.

The CDA approval guarantees the project’s legitimacy and enhances investor confidence, ensuring that all developments within Gulberg Greens align with statutory requirements and sustainable development practices.

Project Details

Gulberg Greens is a mixed-use development meticulously planned to include residential, commercial, and recreational facilities. The project is divided into several segments, each catering to different lifestyle needs and preferences. Key components of the project include:

Residential Plots: These are available in various sizes, ranging from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal, designed to accommodate diverse family sizes and preferences. Apart from these residential plots there are also apartments available in Gulberg Green like Samama Mall and residency where you can find the best Gulberg Green Islamabad Apartments.

Gulberg Green Islamabad Farmhouses: These expansive plots, typically 4 to 10 Kanal, offer a luxurious rural retreat within the city, equipped with modern amenities and lush greenery. Gulberg green Islamabad farmhouses are best option for you if you want a tranquil retreat from urban living, allowing you to relish in the crisp air, lush surroundings, and a more leisurely rhythm of life. For those seeking a holiday residence, Gulberg Green farmhouse presents an excellent choice.

Commercial Areas: These include state-of-the-art commercial complexes, office spaces, and retail outlets, ensuring that residents can access various services and businesses within close proximity.

Parks and Green Spaces: A significant portion of the project is dedicated to parks, gardens, and green belts, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

Blocks of Gulberg Green Islamabad

Gulberg Greens is systematically divided into various blocks, each offering unique features and facilities:

A Block: Known for its prime location and proximity to the main entrance, this block features a mix of residential plots and commercial spaces, making it highly desirable for both living and business.

B Block: This block is characterized by its serene environment. It features spacious residential plots and well-maintained green areas, ideal for families seeking a peaceful living environment.

C Block: C Block offers luxury and convenience, focusing on high-end residential plots and very close to the essential amenities like schools, food and medical facilities.

D Block: Known for its affordability, D Block offer a variety of plot sizes which is fit different budget requirements while still offering the quality infrastructure and amenities synonymous with Gulberg Greens.

Executive Block: This exclusive section of Gulberg Greens features premium plots and luxury farmhouses for those seeking an elite lifestyle with top-notch facilities.

Gulberg Green Islamabad Commercials’ Details

Gulberg Greens commercials serve as the hub of business activities, featuring numerous software houses tailored to support investors in their business and commercial endeavors. Key commercial developments in Gulberg Greens include Civic Center, situated near Blocks A, B, Executive Block, and Midway Commercial Centers. Prominent establishments in Gulberg Greens commercials are:

  • Gulberg Emporium Mall & Residency
  • Gulberg Golf course
  • Sky park one tower
  • Samama Mall & Residency
  • Gulberg Mall & Signature Living
  • AJ Towers

Gulberg Green Master Plan

Gulberg Islamabad is designed for those seeking a clean, green, and hassle-free modern living environment. The master plan combines luscious greenery with contemporary architecture to provide an exceptional lifestyle. With expert architects and builders utilizing the latest technology, the development minimizes environmental impact while maintaining Islamabad’s natural beauty.

The design of Gulberg Islamabad draws inspiration from the city’s unique charm, aiming to create a community that enjoys modern amenities without compromising the greenery. The project features lakes, lush green areas, parks, and green belts, prioritizing natural and clean surroundings for residents’ health and maintaining the natural habitat. Farmhouses are designed to maximize green space, with strict limits on building structures.

Gulberg Islamabad also offers a lavish lifestyle with luxury farmhouses, residential units, sports clubs, malls, 5-star hotels, and more. As a secure, gated community, it provides tranquility and freedom. If you want to know more about the Gulberg Green Islamabad Payment Plan or Plot for sale then we’ll suggest you to visit their website and contact them.

Facilities & Amenities

Gulberg Greens is designed to provide residents with comprehensive facilities and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Key amenities include:

Educational Institutions: The project includes plans for reputable schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring residents can access quality education within the community.

Healthcare Facilities: Modern hospitals and clinics are strategically located within the project to provide prompt and efficient healthcare services.

Shopping and Entertainment: Residents can enjoy a variety of shopping and entertainment options, including shopping malls, cinemas, and recreational centers.

Sports and Recreation: Gulberg Greens offers numerous sports facilities, including tennis courts, swimming pools, and jogging tracks, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Security: The community has state-of-the-art security systems, including CCTV surveillance, gated entrances, and a dedicated security force, ensuring a safe living environment for all residents.

Infrastructure: The project boasts robust infrastructure, including wide roads, modern sewage and drainage systems, and reliable utilities, ensuring a high standard of living.

Development Status

As of the latest updates, Gulberg Greens is in an advanced stage of development, with significant portions of the project already completed and occupied. The residential and commercial areas are rapidly being developed, with many plots handed over to owners and the construction of houses and commercial buildings in full swing.

The infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and public amenities, is mainly in place, with ongoing enhancements to ensure continuous improvement. The project’s development pace reflects the commitment of IBECHS to deliver a world-class living environment within the stipulated timelines.

Gulberg Green Islamabad Latest New

The most recent update from Gulberg Green Islamabad is about their signing of the Gulberg Islamabad MOU with JW Marriott International. In Gulberg Islamabad, a highly anticipated mixed-use development, JW Marriott Islamabad is poised to set new standards in luxury and hospitality.

Furthermore, as Pakistan’s inaugural 7-star international hotel boasting 250 rooms, this represents a significant milestone. Additionally, it presents an enticing prospect for investors seeking lucrative returns within Gulberg Greens.

With the introduction of the JW Marriott Hotel, Gulberg Green has established itself as a preferred destination for global enterprises.

Pros & Cons of Gulberg Green Islamabad


  • Strategic Location: Easy access to major highways and prime areas of Islamabad.
  • Approved NOC: Ensures legal compliance and enhances investor confidence.
  • Comprehensive Amenities: Wide range of facilities and amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Green Environment: Emphasis on green spaces and sustainable living.
  • Security: High-level security measures ensure a safe living environment.


  • Cost: The premium features and prime location come at a higher price than other housing societies.
  • Development Pace: While significant progress has been made, some areas are still under development, which might be inconvenient for early residents.
  • Distance from City Center: Despite good connectivity, the project is situated at a considerable distance from the city centre, which might be a drawback for some residents.


Gulberg Green Islamabad is a testament to modern urban planning and sustainable development. With its strategic location, comprehensive amenities, and commitment to quality, it offers an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Pakistan’s capital.

The project’s well-planned infrastructure, legal compliance, and focus on green living make it an attractive option for investors and residents seeking a luxurious and secure lifestyle.

While the premium pricing and ongoing development might pose challenges, the long-term benefits and quality of life offered by Gulberg Greens undoubtedly outweigh these considerations, making it a top choice for those looking to invest in Islamabad’s real estate market.

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