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Everyone is familiar with the term real estate sector or market, and most of us know how the real estate market works. On the other hand, a unique vocabulary is used by real estate agents, developers, contractors, and builders. Most of us know the standard terms used in the real estate sector. But if you are a newcomer in the real estate sector, the real estate sector’s glossary could be more precise. Considering this scenario, Luxurious Marketing has researched and collected a list of all legal terms used in the real estate sector.

Let’s learn the legal terms used in the real estate sector.


Inteqaal means to transfer the ownership of a property from one person to another. It is accepted in a “Mutation” that demonstrates the transfer of registered land.

Another term that is related to inteqaal is Partaal. If inteqaal is done by patwari, he will add property in the buyer’s record and subtract from the seller’s land record. Once it is done, inteqaal process completes. Patwarkhana is responsible to maintain the record.


The rectangular area evenly allocated to facilitate the residents’ access to resources is referred to as a distribution procedure.


A cumbersome procedure covering every property detail, including the area, shares, data, and settlement.


It means to update land records; after every four years, the land record is updated.


It is a revenue record that provides property details such as the category of land, proprietorship, holding status, ownership status, construction updates, division, and location.

Certain difficult words are used in this form, including

  • KHEWAT NUMBER:It is a particular account number that is given to a group of land proprietors
  • KHATUNI NUMBER:It is a distinct account number for land plot growers with more than one Khasra number. It also contains details and information on the tenant.
  • KHASRA NUMBER:It is a unique number allotted to plot or piece of land.
  • PROPRIETOR’S INFORMATION: It includes name, father name, and grandfather to confirm identity
  • POSSESSIONER OR CULTIVATOR: If the cultivator of the land or proprietor and possessioner is similar, khudkasht means cultivation term is stated in the column. On the other hand, if the cultivator or owner and possessioner are not identical, the term “Ghair Marusi” is declared.  
  • LAGAN INFORMTION: It’s a contract between the land proprietor and cultivator for produce sharing, and the consent is called “Lagan.”  
  • RAMARKS COLUMN:It comprises transaction entries and has been updated in each jamanbandi.

It is crucial to ensure that the Jamabandi is accurately filled out to prevent problems like double sales, double mortgages, and other fraudulent actions.  


It is evidence of land-leasing rights issued by the Gardori to the individual who gets land on a tenancy with the owner’s consent.  


Gardori is appointed to examine a land record.


It is a land measuring unit commonly used in the subcontinent region and is the most common term used in the real estate sector.

1 Kanal is equivalent to 20 Marla or 500 square yard or 4500 square feet.


It is a subdivision of land with a special number that is given to plots and falls under a precise khatuni.


It is also a subdivision of Khewat. It differentiates in the land records that the Revenue Department keeps. Furthermore, a khatuni is comprised of certain khasras, and the number can differ.


It is a number assigned to a specific piece of land containing one or more khatunis. Once a new jamabandi is completed, the number can be changed.


It is a traditional unit of area that is used in Pakistan. It was standardized under British raj. Marla is equal to

  • Square Rod
  • 25 Square Feet
  • 25 Square Yard
  • 2929 Square Meters


Moza is a particular piece of land in an area used by a revenue collector’s office known as qanoon goi.


Partal means to verify and update a property’s records. A patwari supervises Partal.


Patwari is a government employee who keeps records of land ownership and works in the patwarkhanas.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan restricted patwari to the sale, purchase, and transfer of land in urban areas. Instead, the court called for a digital urban land record system in Pakistan.


It is a document issued by Revenue Department. Furthermore, it indicates proof of property ownership.


A land size of around 25 square feet and one Marla equals nine sarsahis.  

SHAJRA – Real Estate Glossary

Shajra is a complete map of an area with numbers cited against each particular piece of land or khasra.

A shajra has complete information about each khasra, including its location, size, and surroundings. It is made from a “Field Book.” Moreover, it is used to allot agricultural land.


A shajra’s copy is drafted on drawing paper for property owners’ individual. It’s a map that demonstrates the possession of a property owner with their khasra numbers marked and boundaries identified. Aks Shajra is prepared on behalf of a property landlord.


Bigha equals a 4-kanal piece of land, equivalent to half an acre. This term was used in Punjab and is becoming outdated.

FARD – Real Estate Terms

Fard is evidence of a property’s ownership. Without fard, property registration is not possible. Thus, it is required to register the property, which is known as a registry.

If you sell your property, your fard (property ownership) will transfer to the new owner (buyer). When the Revenue Department approves the new registry, the patwari will include new details to his record and issue a transfer letter based on the fard issues.

Furthermore, fard indicates the property you own, its precise location, measurement, and property category. It is released under specific conditions, such as for recording or selling purposes.

Types of Fard

  • Record Purpose: To update and confirm the owner’s status of proprietorship of land
  • Fard e Bay: It is acquired when the owner intends to sell their property by the registry.
  • Fard for Bail: It is required to be given in court for bail purposes.
  • Fard for Gift: This fard is paid when the proprietor aims to gift their property to loved ones by registry.
  • Fard for Mortgage: It is obtained when the owner mortgages their property to an organization or individual.  


It’s a process in which one person who owns a property allows another to use it.

Two terms are used in this process

  • Lessee: Lessee is a person to whom the lease is granted.
  • Lessor: Lessor is a party or individual who issues the lease.  


Haq-e-Shufa is a constitutional right under Muslim Law. It rules the rights of people on purchased land.


Sale deed verifies the transfer of property between seller and buyer. In addition, you can find the transaction’s payment method, property type, history of the land, and the price of the property.


 Acre is equal to 8 kanals or 43,560 square feet.


It is a unit of land and equals 1350 square feet.

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

A No-Objection Certificate (NOC) grants permission to a company or organization to construct or purchase a property. Furthermore, the NOC has no objection from the competitive authority.


The initial amount is paid in the initial stages of acquiring a property.


In the real estate sector, installments mean paying the amount of the property divided so that the person who has purchased a plot or property can pay until the total amount is paid, or less.


The process of gradually paying off debt with interest and principal installments sufficient to cover the entire loan balance by the loan’s maturity date.


They are the broker between seller and buyer.


They are professional real estate agents or brokers who represent the seller of the property during the property transaction. Furthermore, they collect data, compare house sales rates, and advise clientele on selecting the best offer received for the property.


Closing is the last stage in the real estate transaction, after which a property is finally transferred from the seller to the buyer.


Commission means where a sales agent makes a 5-10% takes at closing.


The expenses incurred in completing a real estate transaction are known as closing costs. The seller and the buyer share the costs incurred during the closing process. An application fee, inspection fees, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and the agent’s commission are all included in this closing cost.


It is a house loan with an interest rate that doesn’t change during the loan.


Net operating income is a measure of a commercial real estate property’s profit margin.


An appraisal agent offers an objective assessment of a property’s value. A lender would typically request an appraisal from a third-party “appraisal agent” in a real estate transaction to ensure that the loan amount requested matches the property’s fair market value.


In a real estate transition, possession refers to the moment the buyer or occupant becomes the property owner following the execution of a lease or the signing of closing papers.

It should be noted that legal terms in real estate sector is subject to frequent updates, so please come back often if you have any questions regarding any legal terms used by Pakistani real estate sector or brokers. Furthermore if you have any query regarding real estate terminologies, drop us a comment.

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