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Park View City Islamabad New Year Celebrations
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As the year is about to end, the energetic city of Islamabad is ready for the festival of 2024 New Year’s Celebration where you shall enjoy the celebrations in the heart of Park View City Islamabad. Besides, this society is set to organize the greatest New Year’s Eve festival. Moreover, it promises a night of joyful experience and it will not be a forgettable celebration for years to come.

Events at Park View City Islamabad New Year 2024

Park View City takes lead in making the memorable New Year’s Celebration every year. This year again it shall arrange different events on the eve of New Year. Therefore, be ready as Park View City is bringing the most joyous family occasion. Moreover, mark your New Year 2024 Celebrations with Park View City Islamabad at a Family Festival and engage yourself in many events including;

  • The Light Show
  • 3D Mapping
  • Countless Fireworks
  • Groundbreaking Holographic Show
  • Musical Concert
  • Food Court
  • Magic Show
  • Puppet Show for the young guests  

As the clock moves swiftly to midnight, people starts preparing for the experience of a fascinating masterpiece of lights and colors that decorate the night sky. However, the stage is ready this year again for the remarkable New Year 2024 celebrations at Park View City Islamabad.

New Year Celebration 2024 Park View City Islamabad Safety Tips

  • Make sure to leave for Fireworks spot in time so that you may not stuck in the traffic.
  • Don’t bring your precious belongings because there are high chances to be stolen in the congested crowd.
  • Refrain from throwing garbage on the roads; instead use dustbins that shall be available at various places in the festival.
  • Be patient at the entrance gate and shun pushing people or creating problem for others.
  • Indeed, fireworks display amazing scene to the eyes and it can have hazardous outcomes for children. Thus, it is mandatory to keep sunglasses for the children as a safety measure.

Glimpse at Previous New Year 2023 Park View City Celebration

As far as the previous New Year 2023 Park View City Islamabad Celebrations are concerned, the New Year’s Celebrations in Parkview City Islamabad attended by the public including in a large number of women and children. The outstanding arrangements of Park View City Islamabad administration applauded by the citizens.

It is notable that every year, Park View City Islamabad offers amusements opportunities to citizens on the eve of New Year’s Night. A number of drink and food stalls installed with lighting. In addition, the offices and buildings of Parkview City completely embellished. Moreover, the best cleaning arrangement guaranteed as well.

All the dealers and sales partners gathered at the eve of New Year’s Celebration. However, the citizens stated that Park View City Islamabad broke its previous records by marking the start of the year 2023 amazing. People have shown their confidence in this housing society by joining that has also established the residents proud.

Remarkable Anticipation

Park View City is known for its promise to make unparalleled events. Therefore, once again this society is set to be the discourse of the town. Similarly, the expectation of residents and visitors are ready for an evening that pledges to surpass their hopes. Park View City Islamabad commits to reassuring its status as this society shall make its destination for the New Year’s 2024 Celebration.

Celebration Nurtures a Sagacity of Community

The Park View City welcomes everyone to participate in the New Year’s Celebration. Moreover, you can come along with your friends and families to make the celebrations for reminiscence. Park View City allows you to be a part of events that nurture a sagacity of community.

Victorious Celebration

The triumph of the last year’s celebration at Park View City doubled up the happiness of the public. Albeit, this year again it shall mark the unmatchable New Year 2024 Festival event in Islamabad/…………. that the residents have ever before. Furthermore, from the fireworks show to the Light displays, every element is intensified to make an unforgettable experience that captures the spirit of the event.  

Mark Your New Year’s Night Exuberantly

Park View City summons its residents and visitors from the twin cities to participate in the New Year’s Celebration. You can bring your families and friends to celebrate the vivacious revelry. As the clock strikes midnight, get ready to eyewitness amazing shows that shall leave you in wonder. Mark your initiation of a new year with full excitement, jubilant, and hope.

Big Announcement of Lake Facing Apartments at Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is launching lake facing apartments on this auspicious event of New Year 2024 Celebrations. It’s anticipated that there will be several kinds of apartments ranging from 1 bedroom studios to 2 bedroom flats. Moreover, the rate of apartments is supposed to be PKR 40,000/- square feet.

This seems that these apartments are going to change the overall apartments’ landscape in Islamabad city. Though these seem a bit expensive, yet the location and previous track record of the Park View City Islamabad make it worth investing.

Therefore, either you’re looking for residential space for your living or seeking for an opportunity of investment with a trustable and guaranteed higher Return on Investment (ROI), Lake Facing Apartments at Park View City Islamabad are the best choice.

New Year Fiesta ’24 – Park View City Lahore

Park View City has announced an exotic fiesta for Lahore residents. Administration of the Park View City Lahore is claiming to held largest New Year 2024 celebrations in the city. This event is going to feature the most delicious and gourmet cuisine stalls. They have invited country’s well-known, mouth-watering and tantalizing tasty food brands and restaurants. This is going to be another best fiesta.

Moreover, Qawwali night and singing is going to add some thrill and chill in the event. Park View City Lahore is going to witness some big names of music and top artists, performing live for Lahoris.

Last but not least, a top notch firework is planned to brighten the Lahore horizon on the eve of New Year 2024. People are waiting impatiently to see all these live. Facebook page of the Park View City is depleted with fans’ comments. Fans are excited and expressing their view, interests and delights beforehand.

On the other hand, Park View City Facebook page admins are continuously engaging with the public to know their views and get ideas to make it even more exhilarating and excited.


Park View City, in the heart of Islamabad, stands as a symbol of hope of celebration. Furthermore, it obliges a New Year’s Festival like other celebrations. We welcome you to participate in a night of magnificence, community, and unparalleled moments.  

Park View City beckons you to become a part of charm, making a reminiscence that shall last a lifetime. Be ready and don’t miss out on the opportunity to usher in 2024 in style at Parkview City. You are welcome from the depth of our heart on the evening of 31 December.

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